Monday, March 30, 2015

Satia's Announcements: Part One

To be honest, this decision has been a long time coming but I'm going to be relocating my blog.  I'll officially announce the new location as soon as I have it set up.  But as of my birthday on Saturday, I will no longer update this blog except to link to my new blog.


A while ago, google bought out blogger.  At that point, every time there was an issue, getting said issue resolved became impossible.  Don't believe me?  Look at some of my older blog posts.  You'll see a lack of paragraphing.  All of the formatting just disappeared.  There are also other ongoing issues, ones I've reported numerous times, with screencaps.  And after years of this, not one of the issues has been fixed.

Not. One. Issue. Has. Been. Fixed.

Then, recently, a few of my readers complained because
  • they couldn't subscribe
  • they couldn't leave a comment
  • and I couldn't leave comments to their comments when their comments showed up
Which would be fine, I suppose, if this would stop spammers from leaving comments but that hasn't happened.  I get a few a week.  Today I had this ridiculousness:
Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read. Commodity Trading Strategy
Hint:  Those last three words were a link.  I could do with some pics to drive the message home?  Ummm . . . yeah.  I guess the pics I've been posting are stalling my message on the side of the road.

Anyway, the point is, if my readers cannot interact with me and I can't interact with them, it seems it's time for me to pack up and move along.  I'll be leaving my book review blog here on blogger for now.  Once I am comfortable with the new platform I'll be using for my new blog, I'll see how I feel about migrating my reviews there as well.

So shame on google for not taking care of their customers.  Shame on them for making a really great blogging platform a mess.  Shame on them for not standing by the people who use and truly want to like their products.

And this will be the first of a gradual migration in my online life away from all things google.  It may take me a long time.  It took me a long time to reach this decision about blogger but once the decision is made . . .

Tick tick tick . . . 


  1. Best of luck with your move, Satia. (My main issue with Blogger has been that blog rolls don't show updates in a timely manner.) Love the song by Sam Cooke!

    1. Suko, I love Sam Cooke. I have so many issues with Blogger. Any time I create a link I have to double and triple check that blogger didn't remove a space between words. Sometimes I don't catch it the first time because I just don't notice. And then there's the issue with flipping images. I can upload a vertical picture and have it flip to horizontal. I'll then have to go into the file, flip it and upload it again. Only then, blogger flips it a different way. You can imagine how many times a single image can take me and how thrilled I am when the image doesn't flip at all! It shouldn't take over a few minutes to post something but there are days when it can take over an hour and I would like to think my time is precious.

  2. Although I still have a cross stitch blog on Google, I also have it on Wordpress, my blogging platform of choice. Leaving Google was the best blogging thing I ever did.

    1. Angie, I've talked with my son who has blogs on several platforms and wordpress is probably the platform of choice. I just need to get a few more things in place, mentally.

    2. It's different and sure took me awhile to get used to but I like Wordpress a lot

    3. I figure there will be a learning curve. That's part of the reason why I'm choosing not to migrate everything to wordpress out of the gate. I'll have a foot in both platforms for a while and, assuming I am not as easily frustrated with wordpress as I've become with blogger, I'll make the move.

  3. I hope you find your new blog to be easier and more accomadating to your needs. It exciting to start a new blog!

    1. Betty, It is exciting. And I think that if I found a platform that is more attentive to the user's needs, I'd be content. I just can't continue being unhappy with something that I should find enjoyable, you know?