Friday, March 06, 2015

Satia's State of Affairs

On Monday, the contractor said that this part of the work would be finished on Friday, today.  But I had my doubts.  I mean, look at what the room looked like this morning?  How could that be?  Still, I hoped. 

Okay.  I tried to hope.  Then the contractor asked Rob if they could stay late.  Yes.  Of course, yes. Stay as late as you need.  Then he said he’d be back on Monday.  Monday? Monday is not Friday.  Monday is next week!  Another week! 

When we were told it would take one week to do the floor, I didn’t believe it.  I assumed two weeks.  So Monday it all started and, the following Monday, we were told “this Friday,” a validation of my assumption.  Naturally, I am disappointed to hear that we will have to wait longer still, that he will not be here at all over the weekend to finish up what he said would be done on Friday.

And so be it.  Nothing I can do to change the circumstances.  Besides, I have too many good things going on to get hung up on how endless the renovations are beginning to feel.  And what are these good things?  I’ll share some news tomorrow. In the meantime, the banging is still going on even as I type this and I’m enjoying a lovely glass of wine. 


  1. My friend and her husband decided to make changes to their apartment last month. The husband decided that he will handle everything by himself.
    Now they have changed the closet doors. Sold their bed and built a folding one instead. Did the same with their computer desk.
    And will soon start building a closet in their daughter's bedroom.
    The husband designed and built everything himself, they just ordered the wood and the rest of the materials needed.

    -- Arezoo

    1. Arezoo, If this were our home, Rob and I would have probably done a lot of the work ourselves. As it is, we have to do what the landlords want. I'm just glad they were able to save the room because if we had lost it, I would have been very unhappy.

    2. I see. I have been living in rented houses since I was born (some day we will buy an apartment I hope. In Iran it's best if you own the house you are living in), and we have never made any changes to anything. When in a rented house you better adapt yourself to the problems of the house or leave it.

    3. Arezoo, I am grateful that they let us choose the paint color for the room. I hated the previous color and I adore this one. It's just so bright and light and feels like springtime.