Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Master Cleanse: Final Thoughts

How the renovations looked yesterday
Here I am, on my third day of ending the Master Cleanse. On the first day, I was still drinking the mixture but was able to add diluted orange juice. And yesterday, I added a vegetable soup I made myself using a recipe from the book.  For lunch, I had only the broth from the soup and for dinner I included some of the vegetables with the broth.  And I shall have the soup again for lunch today and, for dinner, I am supposed to be having only steamed vegetables but I’ve decided to add some rice to that because . . .

I still have diarrhea. Ugh.

Overall, although the Master Cleanse is clearly not for me, I can see why some people find it a successful experience. I did not feel overly hungry (although I was, indeed, hungry).  I honestly feel I would have made it through all ten days.

I do want to say one thing, however. I used ketone sticks to measure my ketone levels.  The presence of ketones means you’re burning fat.  Because I was losing weight, I wanted to see for myself if the book’s claims that after the third day you’ll start losing fat and not just muscle. I lasted four days and on the fifth day was only drinking the mixture and orange juice. The results?  I never burned any fat.  None.  All of the weight I lost, therefore, was muscle mass.  This is not a desirable outcome.   Frankly, while I say I could have lasted all 10 days, I have a feeling that, after five days of losing muscle mass, I would have stopped the fast on my own.

Losing muscle mass is not my fitness goal.  Never has been.  Never will be. So I’m glad I was forced to stop even a day earlier. Tonight I will enjoy my vegetables and rice, maybe with a little ginger and garlic.  And I may even try some more of the recipes from the book.  I still think it’s a good book but it’s clear the Master Cleanse is not for me.  

Stick around. When the room is finished, I have something new to share. Oh boy!


  1. Hmm... losing muscle mass is not good.
    Maybe you will try the apple cleanse I mentioned one of these days instead. It is so simple. I think it helps to reset some of the systems of the body (as does intermittent fasting).
    I look forward to seeing photos of the renovation.

    1. The contractor said the wood would be done today but I have my doubts. I'm desperate to have my home back and in order.