Saturday, March 07, 2015

What I'll Be Starting Tomorrow

I’ve been hinting at it for the past few blog posts, that I’ve got an announcement. Actually, I have two but I’ll share one now and the other later this month.

Rob bought me the 21 Day Fix DVD set and I am going to begin it tomorrow.  Odds are, if you’re up in the wee small hours, you’ve seen the infomercial (or skipped past it to watch another infomercial).  As you know, I exercise with certain restrictions so it is difficult for me to find workouts that we feel are a good fit.  This particular set of DVDs shows a woman modifying the workouts, doing low impact moves while everyone else is leaping and jumping around.

The set arrived in the middle of the first week of repairs, when we still believed the floor would be finished before the end of the second week.  It certainly added another layer of urgency to seeing the floor finished.  After all, whether I leap and jump around, I still will need room to move and right now the only room that has any real room is the kitchen. 

So when I heard that the room is not going to be finished after all, I went into a bit of a pout.  Then Rob proved once again how brilliant he is.  He suggested that I could exercise in the living room.  All he needed to do is move the coffee table out of my way to give me a little extra room.  And he’s right!  That will work!  

For the past few days, I’ve been saying that I might begin using 21 Day Fix on the 15th but today I can say with certainty that I will begin using it tomorrow!  I have on my pedometer. I have a Smashbook in which I’ll track my progress, including what exercises I do each day, before and after pictures, and such.  I’ve been wanting to take my fitness and weight loss journey more seriously.  I had planned on beginning to do so in January, but then I was sick most of the month.  February had its own challenges.   And, when I heard that the room wouldn’t be done last week after all, I figured we’d have to wait until the end of the month or even for April.

But no.  Not at all.  I begin tomorrow.  I’ll blog about it for the next three weeks.  Assuming I can make it through all three weeks, at the end of the blogging, I shall have another announcement for you, my dear readers.  In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy sharing in this part of my journey.  I’ll try to keep it interesting.  "See" you tomorrow!


  1. Now I see !
    I thought that the 21 day fix posts on G+ are referring to fixing the floor

    -- Arezoo

  2. Arezoo, LOL! I'm sorry for the confusion. I wish the floor would be done in 21 days. That would have been awesome. Alas, I now know it won't be done until Tuesday. :(