Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Satia's Announcements: Part Two

Second announcement a day late.  Sorry about that. Apparently, the carpet installers forgot they were supposed to come here and install the carpet.  So Rob and I waited and waited and . . . This is what happens when you say, “And I’ll write my blog post when the carpet is being installed.”

By the time they were done and Joe and Erin and Bibi left, it was dinner time and, because I was sooooo tired having I’d slept poorly the night before being up since 2am, I just didn’t have it in me to write the blog post.

So without further ado . . .

My new blog will be a return to my roots, as it were.  Once upon a time, I pretty much shared all sorts of random things in this blog, including some of my favorite online finds, pictures from my week, and, of course, my reviews.  Then I chose to put my reviews elsewhere.  But now I want to go back to having them all in one place.  Although I’ll continue updating my review blog here on blogger, I will be posting reviews on my new blog as well.  No more need to subscribe to two blogs (especially helpful since a few people have told me that they have been having a problem with subscribing to both blogs). 

Yes, there will be “Silently Sharing Satia” posts and reviews and updates about my lovely family and my weight loss journey and all of the randomness that is a part of my wonder-full life.  And there are so many things coming up this year.  Why, this weekend alone has my birthday and then company coming and still more coming a few weeks later.  I mean, it’s just been such a crazy year already.  I honestly thought, “When the renovations are done, things will slow down and . . .”

They haven’t.  Just like yesterday, when I counted on the carpet being installed at a certain time and knew I would write a blog post then, I am not going to wait for my life to slow down to start getting things happening.  Clearly, life is not going to slow down for me any time soon so I may as well start catching up!

Rob pointed out, my yoga pants are loose!


  1. Satia, the carpeting looks lovely! Best of luck with the blog changes.

    1. Suko, A much belated "thank you." I never received a notification about the comment so I didn't know it was here. I'm sorry. :(