Friday, July 17, 2015

I Can Scare a Teeny Tiny Thing With a Woop!

I know it's hard to tell but ouch.

Once Upon a Time

Something I haven’t mentioned to many is that I’ve been exercising with a bad ankle.  I don’t know that I injured it but it has been hurting . . . for months.  I first noticed discomfort in late April or early May.  And exercising, although uncomfortable, didn’t seem to exacerbate anything. I didn’t feel more pain.  In fact, moving kept my ankle from getting stiff.  So I kept moving. It made (makes?) sense.  However, I promised Rob that if my ankle was still sore upon my return from my trip north, then I would make a doctor’s appointment. 

I’ll be seeing the doctor on the 27th.  

 Of course, as soon as I made an appointment, Rob accidentally hit my ankle right on the spot where it was already hurting.  And yes, for those who are wondering and remember, it is the same leg as my knee injury from last year.  Ugh.  My right leg hates me, apparently.  Soon I’ll know why my ankle has been bothering me for so long and what (if anything) I can do about it. I’ll also find out (I hope) if there’s a connection between my ankle soreness and my hip aching. Probably but I’m going to just ignore it all until I have a clear diagnosis and plan of action.

A new yoga mat on PiYo Rest Day?
Morning Workout

JMBR: Day 5: P1/W2
I used my heavy weights more frequently throughout the workout. Saw and felt no reason to hold back.  Especially because today is a PiYo Rest Day.  Plus, I missed my evening cardio yesterday evening because I got caught up in planning out a few things for our trip in September.  You know how it is.  You start figuring out where you’re staying and the next thing you know you’re searching to see what museums and restaurants and other things are nearby.  Before I knew it, it was too late for me to start using the bike because I wouldn’t have finished until after my bedtime.  Oops.

And the Rest of My Day Will Be . . .

. . . wonderfully unexciting, I hope.  We know we have guests coming in early September so the next few weeks will be spent getting the guest room organized and ready.  We did have an exciting moment on the deck this morning when a hummingbird came swooping up just as Rob was pointing to something in the backyard.  It looked as though the bird was about to land on his extended finger.  Needless to say, my woop of delight probably scared it off but it was, for that brief moment, pretty amazing.

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  1. Ouch is right, that looks like a whole lot of pain! Hope it's better soon!