Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surprise! It's Me, Again!

March 1 and July 1

Surprising Myself

Yesterday I mentioned that JMBR asks the user to do a round of cardio in the evening.  I’ve opted not to use the cardio DVD that comes with the program (which I will be doing tomorrow and again on Saturday) because I knew doing the same workout 8 times in one week would quickly become boring.  And I have to use this particular workout the entire first four weeks.  Instead, I hopped on the bike and cranked out 7.5 miles in 30 minutes while reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. 

So yeah.  I kinda surprised myself.  Not as much as I surprised my family, however, who were all exuding delight over how much I have managed to do in the past few months.  The “Before/After” picture says it all!  (Quick aside—I told Rob that if the only thing my family complimented me on was my haircut I was going to shave my head before my next visit!  Thankfully, they noticed and my hair remains on my head!) 

In March I began with one workout program, added another in April, switched that one out for another in June (or late May) and then swapped out the first program for another which I finished before I left on my vacation, finishing off the one program I had begun in June (or late May) while out of town.  All in all, I’ve done the following programs:

My mother was soooo amazed with my results that she’s ordered a copy of 21DF for herself and gave me money to buy a few more programs.  I placed my order yesterday.  And even though I probably won’t be starting any of these programs any time soon, I am super excited.

But why won’t I be starting these new programs soon?

Me and my mother
Yesterday, I just started Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution , which is a 12 week program.  Never mind that we’re leaving on a trip in 11 weeks so I will have to come home and finish off the last week when I get home.  And my son and I started PiYo yesterday; it’s an 8 week program so I plan on doing another round of 21 Day Fix before the trip.  See?  I’m thinking ahead.

I asked my son how he was feeling, after his first day of PiYo and he said: The entire top half of my body is writhing in agony.  I reassured him by saying that tomorrow’s workout would be shorter (it is) and it’s lower body too so he won’t be doing as much with his upper body.  But I did not at any point suggest it would be easier. I wonder if he caught that.  Probably not.  He’ll find out soon enough. Muahahaha!

Morning Workout

JMBR Week 1:  Day 2
Surprised myself some more.  I didn’t go to get my 3 lbs weights because I was working through with 5 lbs just fine.  And I even grabbed a weight during one of the abs sections.  At this point in the program, everything is low impact so I’m not having to modify much.  I did have trouble maintaining my balance on the lunges with a twist but I didn’t fall over.  I felt great afterwards.

PiYo Week 1:  Day 2—Define: Lower Body
I forgot how I feel after these workouts. They are not easy. Not by any means.  But they feel so good!  I am sure my son will be thinking I’m the craziest woman in the world after the workout but if I can do it then I know he can. 

The rest of my day.

I managed to get all of the unpacking done, although I haven’t quite put everything away.  Hopefully by this evening I’ll be able to say that everything is in its proper place.  I also plan on putting together a box of books to be donated to my local library.  As usual, my mother bought me some books so there are homeless (by which I mean shelf-less) books which means I have to do what I’ve been saying I would do ever since the renovation of the great room was completed:  get rid of clutter.  I feel overwhelmed with the task I’ve set for myself but I know that 30 minutes a day will get me where I need to be. It worked with my exercising, where I started losing weight only doing 30 minutes of exercise, and I know it can work with organizing and decluttering too.  I simply need (and I need to want) to get started!


  1. You are doing a great job, Satia! Exercise is a wonderful way to enhance our days.

    1. Suko, I'm hoping the weight loss will help keep my osteoarthritis from progressing more quickly. It's bad enough to be diagnosed but I skipped all the warnings and landed plop in a "severe" osteoarthritis diagnosis. Ugh.