Monday, July 13, 2015

Welcome Home

I really didn't want to workout today.
When you exercise with a balance disorder and severe osteoarthritis, a new workout program can be somewhat daunting.  How much will I have to modify? And what will those modifications be today?  Tomorrow?  Will I be able to do the whole program?  Will I even be able to do today’s workout? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if exercising weren’t necessary?  Better still, what if reading books and goofing off online burned as many calories as lifting weights and doing push-ups?

Alas, exercise is necessary because yesterday I came home from my vacation having gained (according to this morning’s weigh-in) 5lbs.  All things considered, and given how I was eating most of my vacation, that’s really not too shabby!  But that moves me back into being overweight and I’m determined to lose these 5 lbs and then some because I hadn’t hit my goal weight before the trip and now I have another trip on my horizon. 

Morning Workout DVDs

Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution (JMBR)

So today I started Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution with a little trepidation and a lot of determination.  The way this 90 day program works, for those who want to know, is you do 6 days of exercises with a day of rest. She divides the workouts by front and back of body (strength training two days) and then one day of cardio.  The program is further broken down into 3 phases, each one progressively more challenging than the previous one.  I meant to grab my 3 lbs weights for my first workout in Phase 1 but I forgot.  Oops.  I ended up using the 5 lbs weights and survived. 

I did not have to modify as much as I thought I might which gives me hope for what’s coming.  We’ll see how I feel a month from now or even tomorrow.  LOL!

Chalene Johnson’s PiYo

I have already done a round of PiYo and enjoyed it. So much so, I have encouraged my son, who lives in Chicago, to join me.  Which is why I’ve chosen to do a second round.  My initial plan was to do 21 DayFix when I got home, along with JMBR, but I loaned it to a friend who hasn’t returned it.  A quick rearranging of my plans and my son and I are suffering sweating it out together. 

The first “workout” walks you through the specifics of alignment.  My sweaty shirt had dried by the time I was through but I was quickly reminded how much strength this workout requires.  Ugh!  Well, who knows.  Maybe by the end of this second round I’ll be able to do a full body push-up.  (Hint:  My goal is to do 10 full body push-ups by June 2016.)

Can you see the sweat?
Anyway, I’m home and back to reality

Much laundry to do.  A manuscript to read and edit.  A few book reviews to write.  A blog post to write (doing that now) and post (soon) and so many other little things, including finishing up the unpacking I have to do.  I had a wonderful time and I’m ready to go back there because here there are things to do, responsibilities, and checklists of things to do.  Or there will be, soon, because I actually need to sit down and make a checklist of all of the things I need to do.  One of those things is learning the guidelines for creating an annotated bibliography because I just realized yesterday that in my entire educational career, including working in my alma maters’ Writing Lab, I’ve never actually created or proofread an annotated bibliography.  Yes, even at 53 I’m still learning things. Many, many things.

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