Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday With Bibi

Saw my friend Love and . . .

Bibisitting = Exhaustion

I don’t know if children are innately exhausting or if getting old is exhausting.  I mean, I had three children and somehow I had energy at the end of the day for all sorts of things.  But a morning and early afternoon with my precious granddaughter and I am undone.  Wonderfully and deliciously undone.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend my morning than with Bibi!  Rob and I read a book to her before he had to head out the door.  We watched Schoolhouse Rock for a little bit and we colored and we looked through books and we played checkers and more checkers.  I explained to her that the way to get better in a game is to play with someone who is better than you.  I think she found that concept confusing.  That’s okay.  I find lots of concepts confusing. 

Still Playing Catch-Up

I still have so much to do before I feel like I’m well and truly settled back in from our vacation, not the least of which is to make a doctor’s appointment.  I’ve been experiencing ankle pain for two months now (yes, you read that right!) and ignoring it because I could still exercise, walk, etc.  But at this point I think I’m conceding that ankle pain should go away and if it isn’t or won’t then maybe something is wrong and I need to see a doctor.  Especially if I hope to walk around a lot on our trip in September . . . and I do. 

Morning Workout

I managed to exercise in the morning before Bibi arrived.  I even took a quick and much needed shower.  I had to modify the cardio a bit even though it’s still fairly low impact.  There was one move in particular that I had to switch up where you kick your feet out.  Since I’m not supposed to ever hop or jump or anything like that, the modification I did was to simply do a boxer’s shuffle.  Simple and effective.  Today’s workout, Workout 1, was a repeat of Monday’s and I continued to use 5 lbs although, to be honest, I think there are a couple of things we did where I could have swapped out for 7.5 lbs.  I’ll give it a go next week. 

(And yes, I added an evening cardio both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thirty minutes and 7.6 miles on the bike both evenings.  Woot!)

I am still working so hard on building strength and I forgot how challenging PiYo can be.  This workout is seriously no joke.  And I know last time I did it, I gained strength for sure, while I improved my balance.  I mean, I exercise with a balance disorder so any program that can get me to do Warrior III is amazing!!!  More amazing still is that today, while doing PiYo Sweat, I was able to do things I couldn’t do when I first did PiYo.  I held myself up in longer, was able to almost extend my leg fully, and yes I even managed not to use the chair for Warrior III more than once.  So I’m feeling super proud of myself and looking forward to seeing what I can do at the end of the 8 weeks! 

my friend Pia.
Another Day in the Life

If I do nothing else, I truly would like to clear off the kitchen table because I feel badly for having trashed it upon my return. Not acceptable.  So today is the day (or so I say now).  I’m also putting together a box of books to give away to the library.  Monday is library day but I’d like to fill a box today with maybe adding a second box on by Monday.  See?  Goals.

However, my most important goal is editing a manuscript for an author who, unfortunately, sent it to me a couple of weeks before my leaving for my vacation.  I was hoping to start and finish it before I left, but that didn’t happen.  I even took it with me on my vacation but my mother was surprisingly attentive.  In the past she’s had moments of busy-ness that left me with time to myself.  Not on this trip.  I’m not complaining.  That need, the urge to connect, is strong.  We love one another so much and when I spend time with her I feel like I am home because I am so very loved and accepted.  This is why I feel so at home here because of Rob’s loving acceptance. 

In my perfect world, my darling children and I would all live closer to my mother. Not so close we could visit daily but close enough that we could see one another more often.  Weekly or monthly.  All of us.  And while we’re at it, let’s move Rob’s family too. 

Oh, and there would be a public library within walking distance of where I live.  And a coffee shop too.  I don’t ask too much, do I?  LOL! 

Did you notice that Love and I wore similar outfits and Pia and I wore the same color too?  You can't see it but my fingernails also matched Pia's toenails.  ♥


  1. My first thought is, "I hope she is doing Reiki."

    The picture of you and Love us do great! Lifetime friendships are amazing.

    1. Betty, It's good to see old friends and yes, I am trying to remember to give myself Reiki. Seriously, you would think pain would be reminder enough but there is so much going on and I am so easily distracted. I truly need to schedule time to do these things or they simply don't happen.

  2. Vacations are wonderful but I love coming back home.

    I love that in the first photo you're both wearing skirts. I love skirts!
    I love that in the second photo you're both wearing purple! It's my favorite color!