Monday, October 19, 2015

Amsterdam Day Five: Rijks Museum and Fancy Hotel Dinner

Another attempt at providing food for Rob that he could eat.

There were flowers everywhere, which was unexpected. 

I am not a unique snowflake.

I made it to the Rijks Musuem but didn't take many pictures of the art because I figured I have a book with pictures that I can visit whenever I like but I was intrigued by these stained glass windows.

Can you see the Vermeer painting?  No? Neither can I.  It took me 20 minutes to finally see it. 

Yes, it was worth the wait.

My museum haul.

Still trying to get Rob to eat something.

This is the night I went to have dinner with my mother and my stepfather.  Their hotel was stunning and I could have taken a million pictures of the building, the lobby, the suite, and more.  But here's a picture of a huge fig.

Showing off my arms but there was no comment made.  Oh well.  Maybe next visit.



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