Sunday, October 18, 2015

Amsterdam Day Four: Walking

One of the quirks of the very quirky hotel is the open floor plan.

The sink and vanity are in the same room as the bed, desk, etc.  The toilet and shower are behind separate closed doors. So you step out of the shower into the sleeping space rather than into a bathroom.  Great if you're traveling alone or with some who has seen you naked. Otherwise, weird.

Food for Rob. He didn't eat it but I brought him a plate every day just in case "this day" he might get something down.

Wearing my new jacket my mother gave me just before leaving for Amsterdam. Love this jacket!

Because penguin . . .

And 13 August is very important, whatever the year.

Our hotel seen from across the canal.

Dinner:  mushroom soup with a wonderful and surprisingly soft brown bread.

Ticket for one for the Rijks Museum.  So disappointing.

This is the day I walked over to my mother's hotel to drop off an anniversary card for her and my step-father.  I figured it made more sense to do that than mail it before we left knowing they would not see it until after I they were back from their trip.  This way they would have a pleasant surprise when they arrived at their hotel.


  1. Satia, the hotel sounds unique. I hope you're enjoying walking around Amsterdam and your trip.