Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Amsterdam Day Six: Our Last Full Day

Rob finally made it out of the hotel room. FINALLY! But not until after I had already gone to the Van Gogh Museum without him.

I saw this shirt in a shop window and I am still sorry I didn't immediately go inside to buy three--one for myself, one for my friend Pia and another for my friend Love. 

Near the museum, I saw this. I did not see the artist anywhere around.

I took the picture of the cat for Bibi.  The following are pictures of the garden and part of the mural as seen from our window.

My dinner.  Eating alone again.  I have a feeling that everyone figured I was traveling alone because there was little evidence that I wasn't.

The wallpaper in the restroom was especially fun.

Rob's leaving the hotel room means we finally have pictures of me.

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