Monday, October 26, 2015

London Day 2: Victoria & Albert Musuem

And we finally leave the hotel together!!! We went to the Victoria & Albert Museum, deciding to walk over because that would be more fun.


This is a Very Important Salt Cellar.

 When we were about 1/4 mile away from the hotel, Rob realized he forgot his kit so he had to go back to the room and fetch it.  I waited for him by a memorial.

I took this picture of one of Leonard da Vinci's codices because I thought Bibi would be interested in it.  She's supposed to be studying him in one of her classes but, apparently, they haven't started studying him yet.  Oh well.

Even the trays are pretty at the V&A.  I really wish I had bought myself the collection of William Morris postcards but I almost always have to be nudged to buy myself anything and Rob wasn't encouraging me to get them.  (He later said he was tired and he figured I didn't really want them if I didn't buy them without his encouragement.  I asked him, "Was it a book?" implying, of course, that I don't need encouragement to buy myself a book.  We both chuckled.)

After this we went to Hamley's, the World's Oldest Toy Store.  Even before we left the store I told Rob that we would never, ever again go to Hamley's, the World's Oldest Toy Store.  We must really love Bibi and our niece Isabelle!  And we do.  But never again!

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