Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Working it Out

I started the new year weighing more than I had midway through 2015 but still weighing less than I had in January of 2015 so I am saying, with confidence, that I will lose more weight in 2016 because I know what to do and how. 

The success last year actually began the year before, 2014, when I was given the opportunity to do the No Excuses Bootcamp.  It was through this opportunity I learned about HIIT and began aggressively modifying even the most challenging routines. And from experience, I learned that even stepping out a high impact cardio workout could and would result in weight loss.  You may think that not jumping means you aren’t getting a good enough workout but I can assure you it works!

But when my free 90 days were up, I could not afford the program.  So I began searching for alternatives and eventually stumbled upon 21 Day Fix.  You’ve probably seen the infomercial in which seemingly impossible promises are made (and yeah, I didn’t lose infomercial amounts of weight) or that the food container system is a bit of a gimmick (it is) but what interested me most is that the workout has a woman modifying all of the moves. 

Her name is Kat and she is the reason I took the chance and ordered the DVDs.  And this program works.  It’s amazing!  And my results were so good that not one, not two, but three people I know were inspired to give it a try.  Plus, Rob started working out more regularly as well, although he chose to use a different program altogether. 

While doing 21 Day Fix, however, I noticed I had lost a lot of flexibility and decided to take another leap of faith.  I ordered PiYo and began doing it with 21 Day Fix.  I continued to have remarkable success with weight loss.  More importantly, my balance started improving.  I started off unable to do some of the things in PiYo at all but found myself, a few weeks into the program, surprising myself with my abilities.  I still used a chair to modify things—and the program has a wonderful woman (Michelle) modifying everything—but would occasionally not need to rely on it at all.  I mean, getting into Warrior III even once, let alone more than once?  Amazing!

So I was really happy with my progress and feeling stronger than ever.  I decided to really go out on a limb and invested in Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution.  Yes, I was obviously feeling ambitious and I was making great progress with it throughout the summer until I injured my ankle.  Good news:  It wasn’t because of the exercise I was doing.  Bad news:  I had to stop exercising for a while. 

You know something is wrong when even being in downward dog is painful!  But with a trip to Amsterdam on my immediate horizon, I had to rest because I really wanted to be able to walk around the museums.  (I still regret that Rob’s sickness precluded our going to the Hague but that’s a complaint for another blog post.)  A small sacrifice for a big pay-off.  I was able to enjoy the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh, and then in London we went to the National Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and hiked our way to the Burghley House.  So resting my ankle before the trip was absolutely worth the sacrifice.

When we came home, my ankle was still not pain free so I ended up choosing a workout that wouldn’t have me hopping, skipping, or even stepping my way to fitness.  I started doing Body Beast, using very light weights and never lifted anything more than 10 lbs but you can see more definition in my arms and in my legs.  But because there is very little cardio involved, I decided to do Brazil Butt Lift along with Body Beast. 

Let me remind you, dear reader, I have a balance disorder and severe osteoarthritis and I am 53 years old.  I obviously take my physical fitness very seriously and am determined to be my best.

Anyway, I would have lost more weight in 2015 if I didn’t regain some because of the trip (so much good food while traveling!) and then piled on more pounds during the holidays.  And I’m sharing all of this for a few reasons.
One, I plan on writing the occasional post about my progress, what fitness programs I am using, what advice I have for others who are trying to be healthier/stronger/whatever.  For instance, right now I’m doing my last week of Body Beast, a 90 day program, and I’ll be starting a new one so I’ll probably have a lot of thoughts about it.  (Hopefully, I’ll love it, of course!)
Two, I know that I’m not the only one out there who is exercising with a balance disorder or exercising with osteoarthritis.  Therefore, I may also share suggestions for how to modify workouts to accommodate any physical restrictions you may have.  I am constantly having to switch things up, make a high impact workout a low impact one or touch a wall for balance.  I Accept where my body is on any given day and adapt as needed to allow my body to do its best safely.
Three, I am going to make a list of my workout DVD library and may write reviews for them as well.  Once the list is made, I’ll share it and, if there’s a DVD or program in which you yourself are interested, just let me know and I’ll write a review for it.  Of course, I’ll be writing from the perspective of my own “limits” but I think that will make the reviews all the more honest.  I am not an athlete.  I hate exercising.  And I do it in spite of myself.  Each and every day. 
So now tell me, are there any workout DVDs and/or programs you recommend?  If so, why do you recommend them?  I’m curious.


  1. Satia, best of luck with your fitness goals! I think it will be easier if/when you find something that you love to do for exercise. Perhaps you and Rob can take a salsa or ballroom dancing class together, go for walks in the park, or plant a lovely garden (which gives you a "natural" workout). When it is enjoyable, it becomes "non-exercise",; it becomes fun.

    1. Suko, I did find workouts I love. The problem is that the body adapts. Anything can and will work for a while but the body figures out what you're doing and adjusts. Which is why mixing things up is necessary for ongoing progress. But I mentioned more than one workout I love in this post so I'm confused when you say "if/when" since I've found both/and several times over last year.

  2. I hope the fitness is going well and that your 2016 is going wonderfully thus far :)