Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In Which I Finish a Book of Poetry I was not sure how I would approach writing about books of poetry. For me, poetry is highly subjective. I love some poets and almost every poem they write thrills or inspires me. Other poets don't thrill me each and every time but I like much of what they write. Other poets I will close the book and maybe like a few. Very rarely will I not find a single poem I don't like on some level. So how to comment on the poetry I read? I have decided to share one poem from any collection that is written by a single author. If I read a compilation or anthology, I will choose one poem from each section or just choose a random sampling of poems I like (if there are a lot of sections and one poem from each would be too many). As it turns out, I finished reading a collection of poetry which is out of print. Because it is out of print the collection is actually available online: And here is a poem from this collection which I especially like. I hope you enjoy it as well. From Constance Urdang's Alternative Lives.
Winter Gardens (2) By Constance Urdang Everyone knows there are countries Where winter never comes Where language has no word for winter In that eternal April blossoms spring up Urgently out of the passive soil To embroider the air with exotic aromas On a sunny wall A lizard waits as patient as a stone No harsh winds steal leaves from those trees In those countries the seasons change Only from oleander to hibiscus From mango to pomegranate While here Persephone retreats To the darkness underground And in winter gardens earth dreams of April

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