Monday, September 24, 2007

In Which I Have Another Typical Monday

I am about to take a shower to get ready for my acupuncture. When I get home I'll be tired and in bed for the rest of the day, mostly. Maybe not. He says that I shouldn't be so physically drained after a treatment but then I probably shouldn't be bruised like I am after the treatment either. I am at the point, obviously, where I don't believe that acupuncture is working and maybe I need to try something else. Grrrr . . .

Still haven't heard from the referral place re. seeing a new doctor. Grrrr . . .

But the Colts won yesterday! The other team (Texans) had to play a flawless game if they hoped to win. They started off with an 84 yard return so I almost thought that the Colts would have a hard time of it. Still, they managed to play a good game. Addai, at one point, caught the ball and landed on his back but did this kind of wiggling, squirming move to get a few more inches onto where he landed. I said it was cute, what Addai did. Rob just glared at me and reminded me that football is not cute. This is my second time saying that something a player did is cute. So the Colts are now 3-0. Yaaaaaay!

(Rob's team lost. We won't talk about that.)

As for losing, I'm not. I'm not gaining either. I was losing for a bit but stopped and gained and now I am back to where I was before I gained but still over where I want to be and . . .

And I need to get moving if I hope to be ready when Rob shows up to take me to my appointment.

This week September 24 through September 30

You start afresh on Wednesday, as the Full Moon in Aries takes place in your sector of self and how others view you. If you've recently found that you are burning too many bridges, or that your approach to people may have an abrasive quality, you'll soften your approach and make an effort to state your case in a way designed to win converts. After all, your sign gives you more zest, zip, and enthusiasm than anyone has in the universe, and you attract a lot of attention through your ability to take charge of any situation. You also have a lot of innate style and flair when it comes to how you present yourself. Thursday, Mercury enters Scorpio and your sector of psychology, and you do some serious analysis of yourself and your motivations. You begin to learn who you really are in your innermost sector, and that will allow you to make better decisions in your journey along your life path. You have so much to offer the world, and as you learn why you feel and act the way you do you'll present yourself in the most optimum way possible.

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