Sunday, September 23, 2007

In Which I Have Decisions to Make Decisions or commitments, depending on how you look at things. The critique group went very well yesterday. Exhausting but wonderfully encouraging. A small group will be splintering off to focus on working on novels. Great. I have two rough drafts completed and one 2/3 done. The question then becomes . . . which one do I choose to be my focus for this group? Whichever one I choose will be The One with all that that implies. Months of writing this one novel, focusing on these characters. Living with their story. For at least a year or longer. The three choices are as follows:
  • the novel about my being a runaway (aka melodramatic crap)
  • the story of a marriage falling apart due to infidelity (aka narcissistic characters I hate)
  • the story of a teenager who self injures (aka the novel I never finished)
The next decision is how to find a poetry critique group. I found this writing group through (which is also how I found the reading group) but the two poetry groups they have at meetup are not going to work because one is for another ethnic group than mine and the other in Decatur and Rob hates driving in Decatur . . . plus it is not very close to where we live at all. So I am still drifting with the project (aka The Chapbook) that is most important to me at this time, the one I promised myself I would focus on and finish. I am committed to this project. I just need to find poets who meet somewhere other than Decatur. How hard could that be? Very. I haven't found one in nearly five years and I'm still looking. Then there is nanowrimo. I want to participate. I simply need to choose a story and get my ducks in a row. I could just start writing the third unfinished manuscript (see above) all over again. Or I could pick up the interwoven stories idea. Another option would be to write something completely different but since no inspiration has come my way . . . these are the choices I have on the plate as of the writing of this post. So these are the decisions and commitments I need to make and quickly. I have to submit a chapter to the splinter group on October 1. I have to sign up for nanowrimo on the same day and this year I would like to try working from an outline, something I've never done before. (Nano is the perfect time to try something new that may fail or fall apart completely because there really is no better time.) And the chapbook . . . I'd like to have at least the first one done by the end of the year, if possible. Suggestions very welcome! Comments needed! HELP!


  1. i really like this blog!

    do you feel like you have to choose a way??

    well... ive been meaning alot to write a prose book.... i'm working on two poetry books right now as well... but writing a prose book is something i really wanted to do... but i never ever had, you know... a solid foundation to start writing it... and the other day i woke up with a line on my head, and i said to myself... "This is where its gonna start. I have to make something out of this!"
    and so i did... its been like a week or maybe a little less... i have already written 3 chapters for it...
    so now i guess i'll just tell all the people to just go with the flow and take their time!

    i never heard of such a group as yours where i live... it must be really intresting...

    check out my blog! you might find something you like!

  2. I found this group through

    If you can't find any, you can always create one yourself. I have found other writers by simply being outside at a coffee shop and writing. Another great way to meet other writers is to participate in nanowrimo and organize a weekly write-ins during the month of November.

  3. My own idea is for you to write a bit as if you had decided to go with a story- write as if you are part done with it. When you do that for them all, then maybe the one you really want to go with will be more obvious (the one in the bits you write- that is most positive or whatever). You seem to say a lot just in your description of the stories- one melodramitic crap, the other characters you hate, and the one you didn't finish. Which appeals to you- which description?

    Have you checked libraries near by to see if they have anything? What about trying to start one yourself- is that something you could do phsyically?


  4. i don't have much helpful to say on this one, but i am planning on trying out nanowrimo. and i don't write i'm terrified.