Monday, November 05, 2007

In Which Relapses Are a Bitch This weekend was spent mostly in bed. Unable to read most of the time. I felt horrible. By Sunday evening, I was feeling better . . . meaning I could read. Oooh. I did no nanowriting. No exercising. Nothing. I was nestled in my bed and can't even tell you what I watched on television because my mind was simply not involved in anything other than trying to ignore tha many signals saying, "You are falling, sliding, slipping, swinging." But the Colts lost. Not that I thought they would not lose a game the entire season but they went up against the only other team that was "undefeated" so far and this was a potentially exciting game as a result. I just really wanted them to win this game. More than any of the other games I had been watching. And it was looking good until something happened and bam! Game over. Colts lost. I wanted to post a pic of our tomatoes but the photo is not coming through. I've sent it from my cell phone to my email three times. Still nothing. Maybe tomorrow. For now I've done enough today and need to lie down.

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