Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Which You Just Have to Laugh

I read an article yesterday about MIT suing the architect who designed some buildings for them. The architect, Frank Gehry, has designed some very impressive buildings but when I saw the photos of what he did for MIT I realized that, with my vertigo, I would not only have sued him but MIT for commissioning him to do this. I mean, okay, I get it. It is a very interesting design and unconventional but life is hard enough for me now, with my vertigo and all. I don't need to be walking through a life sized Dr. Seuss world.


  1. Who knows maybe in a house like that you wouldn't notice the vertigo so much!

  2. There would be something delightfully ironic if that were true. The only reason I am not tempted to jump on a plane and test the theory for myself is that a few weeks ago I went into a doctor's waiting room and the receptionist desk was curved rather than the usual straight edge . . . and I nearly fell into Rob because I becamse so disoriented. It doesn't take much and really this is simply too much.