Friday, October 19, 2007

In Which Rob is Wonderful and Just Plain Silly

Rob had a gig yesterday but it was a rare afternoon gig which means he came home a little after 7pm. He picked up some milk and ice cream on the way home and we had a dinner of turkey, mashed potatos, gravy, and green beans.

This morning we got up the two of us and exercised. I was wearing the same t-shirt as the night before. He looked at it and said, "I like that shirt! I like the ribbon on it."

I guess he didn't notice the ribbon on it last night. When I pointed that out to him, that this was what I was wearing yesterday evening (after taking a shower late yesterday afternoon) and that obviously he didn't notice it last night, he sort of stammered. He didn't really have any defense but, after thinking about it this morning, I think maybe he was just a little distracted.

Anyway, we have a busy weekend because the boys turn 23 a week from today and there's definitely some bday shopping that needs to be done before then. Tomorrow we will be out and running around. Okay . . . not quite running. I walk. Slowly. I'm hoping that we can maybe have lunch while we're out. We shall see.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In Which Karen Carpenter Haunts Me I sing. A lot. I am almost constantly humming or vocalizing softly. It is endless. My children especially hate it when I get a song stuck in my head, one they don't like. This can happen if we happen to be leaving a store at the wrong time. I don't mean to torture them with my singing a song they loathe but until I hear another song that is the song that will follow me for the duration. The other day I was singing again, under my breath, and Rob said, "You know I just figured it out. You sound like Mary Carpenter." "Karen," I corrected him. "Right. She had a great voice." This is not the first time I've been told this. When I sing to myself, that is pretty close to how I sound. I also have a big booming voice. And although I am strongest in alto range, I can sing second soprano. Go figure. And today it is a rainy day. Not a Monday but I have that song Rainy Days and Mondays (Always Get Me Down) slipping through my brain. Because rainy days really do get me down, stuck in bed. Barometric pressure playing with my vertigo makes me want to do nothing but hold onto my pillow and wait for the shifting and swaying to go away. For that reason, no ANTM update for today. I don't care who got voted off. The show was so boring last night that I am not even sure I care to watch it next week. Even the previews were mediocre. I am not surprised that I am bored with the show. I'm surprised that it took me this long to be bored. However, I said I would write about it and I will. But not today. Not when I feel like crap. Maybe next week when I have more of my own strength or something interesting happens on the show. For now, suffice it to say, I am about to start humming Mellow Yellow until some new song comes my way. Aries Horoscope for week of October 18, 2007 In his book The Primary Colors, Alexander Theroux writes that yellow is the color of "early bruises, forbidding skies, dead leaves, dental plaque, foul curtains, speed bumps, and callused feet." And yet, he muses, yellow is also the color of "the generous sun, butter, candlelight, ripening grain, translucent amber, and spring itself." I suspect that in the coming week, Aries, you will have encounters with a situation that is as paradoxical as yellow. Whether your experience is more like wrapping yourself in foul curtains or basking in the generous sun may depend largely on whether you summon a determination to see the best in everything.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In Which I'm Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place Exhibit #1 I seem to have the following choices: Either sleep poorly (or even have insomnia) or have nightmares in which there is rape and murder. So I drink my chamomile tea knowing that during the night I will either witness to or myself be raped and/or murdered. Exhibit #2 With my vertigo I have no job. Without a job I should have a lot of free time. Last week I tried to make plans for this Thursday but did not hear back from anyone so alternate plans were made. Then Thursday would work and it was too late. So we are now trying to make plans for next Thursday. Only problem is, as of the writing of this post, Thursday is literally the only free day I have next week. How is it I have nothing to do and am so damned busy??? Exhibit #3 I think I've decided to do the young adult novel on self injury (specifically cutting). I am not sure about the point-of-view, however. If I choose first person then I risk a reader being triggered by being inside the head of the protagonist. Of course, one would assume the reader, being aware that the book is about cutting would choose to avoid it if they are aware they might be triggered. Then again, third person limited would/could work and be less intimate which has its own benefits. Or I could do what I've done before which is have the protagonist keep a blog (or journal) in which we get inside her head but that seems almost contrived, frankly. Exhibit #4 I have a friend who has a habit of dumping on me and then disappearing. I don't mind the dumping because I understand that we all occasionally need emotional support. But I mind very much that after she dumps I am left not knowing if she is okay, if she is even still alive. I have to somehow find a loving way to draw a boundary for myself while still letting her know I care but can no longer allow her to do this to me. (Sound vague? It should. I don't want to put up details.) There you go. Examples of the things that are weighing on my mind at the moment. Also, in my 101 Things list one of the things I've listed is that I want to fill up one of my sketchbooks. And in my dream blog I noticed that a book I own about making drawing a daily practice has come up more than once. So I have been finding sites to help inspire me to get my sketchbook out and begin drawing. I thought I would share the occasional site with others.
Which actually brings me to . . . Exhibit #5 I would like to start sketching but I also want to share some of what I do so I need the scanner to be hooked up. I've asked Rob to do this for over a month now. Still waiting. Grrrr . . .