Friday, January 11, 2008

In Which I Have More Tests

This morning Rob and I were off to Emory again for still more tests. This time I had two tests done. One in which a noise was sort of thumped into my ear. Imagine what a MRI sounds like . . . then put it in only one ear. I had to turn my head away from the sound. The second test consisted of my sitting in a perfectly dark (and slightly cool) room. A red line of light was shone onto the wall and I, using a roller ball mouse, had to make the line vertical. It would be tilted when it first flashed on the wall and I had to keep rolling it back to vertical, without tilting my head. I didn't like the first test. It made me a little dizzy, that noise directly in my ear. I also saw the graphic display of the results and there was a clear difference between what the left and right ear showed on the computer. The second test was less challenging, I suppose. My eyes dried out a little. But it didn't make me feel any more dizzy than I did before. And yes, I had electrodes connected to my forehead, where my neck and collar bone meet, and on both sides of my neck near the jugular. Now I have to wait until . . . well, I was supposed to only have to wait until the 21st to get the results but that's Martin Luther King Day and the school will be closed. We should be getting an email with a new appointment sometime later today or perhaps Monday. The stress of taking these tests, the anxiety implied in not knowing the results, etc., is wearing. I am so exhausted. I want to take a nap but first I must tire out the dogs. Especially if I want (let alone hope) to have any energy for my therapeutic exercises later today.

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