Monday, January 07, 2008

In Which I Share About My Physical Therapy

For the record, I am beginning to seriously think that all physical therapists are sadists. Truly. I began working with my new therapist last week on New Year's Eve which is a wonderful way to start the new year--with some hope of healing. So here are the exercises I am to do every day: 1) Practice walking without touching things all the time. 2) In the hallway, practice walking faster. If I can do this without touching the wall then practice walking faster with my arms swinging. 3) Standing feet slightly apart (tadasana) concentrate on the pressure on my feet, make it even or lean slightly forward. Raise arms in surya namaskar and lower them again. 4) Stand in a corner but away from the wall. Shift weight from front to back 10 times, feeling the changes in pressure on my feet. Repeat this time shifting weight from side to side. Repeat 5x shifting in clockwise circles and then again in counterclockwise circles. Attempt to do this with eyes closed. Okay. Now that we have the details of what I have been doing, here is how well I have accomplished the above: 1) I do this all day long and catch myself touching countertops, leaning on edges, etc. I am trying to break a bad habit and it is not easily broken. 2) I am doing well enough with this that I have moved to walking outside (!) but slowly. It feels incredibly awkward but I try to remember to swing my arms. This morning I began bobbling before I reached the corner so I stopped at the corner and turned back around. The above exercises are to be done once a day. The following three are to be done thrice a day. 3) This one I enjoy doing. Part of the yoga dvd I use includes something like this and it would be nice to work to where I could do a complete surya namaskar. Someday soon perhaps. However, I do not do this three times a day. Usually only twice a day. Occasionally, I confess, only once. 4) This is the one that I find the most tedious and the one I tend to not do the third time. By the end of the day I am so tired that all I can do is stay in bed. I need to talk to my sadist . . . erm, my physical therapist and ask her if I should try to do the exercises closer together or if there is more benefit to my doing it when tired at the end of the day. And while I am proud of myself for already walking to the corner and such, last night it was hard to fall asleep because the bed was moving and there are times when I am sitting in my chair and I feel like I am falling, like the chair has shifted beneath me, like I am not safe in my own body. Will those feelings ever go away?


  1. Satia-

    Good luck with your physical therapy. I myself have started on a small regimine to strenghten my legs and endurance.

  2. I hope the feelings of falling and moving while in bed go away for you eventually. Great job so far on the P.T.


  3. Nothingpetty, I hope that your experience is a positive one. I know how frustrating it is to want your body to do things a certain way and to have it not cooperate.

    Patches, I am hoping the same. I am happy to finally be walking again although it is still very strange and exhausting.