Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In Which My Physical Therapy Evolves

Yesterday I posted about my physical therapy knowing that there would probably be some changes. After all, an entire week had passed. Sure enough, there are changes. 1) Practice walking without touching things. 2) Practice walking more rapidly, swinging your arms. 3) Practice tadasana with feet only 2 inches apart. 4) Practice virabhadrasana II--do not let knee extend beyond ankle. 5) Practice vrksasana but keep foot low. 6) Stair steps using handrail for 30 seconds. 7) Slow dance. 8) Circle sway. And here is a little more information about my progress/experience: 1) Walking without touching things is still a matter of breaking a very bad habit and one I have not yet mastered, clearly. I have to consciously, when out in a strange place, remind myself not to touch anything. 2) Rob and walked yesterday while we went shopping. I was not allowed to use a shopping cart. I have not yet walked today but today is not yet over. 3) I had been doing this with my feet about shoulder width apart so I am slowly working on bringing my feet closer together. Also, I am to continue doing the first movements of surya namaskar. 4) This is an addition to what I was doing, one of my favorite asanas. 5) I confess that I keep my foot so very low that if I shift to the side of the "raised" foot my toe almost immediately touches the floor. My physical therapist says that this is fine. 6) I made the mistake of thinking that there is a handrail on the stairs to our deck. WRONG! So I can't actually do this because I don't have access to any steps with a handrail. 7) I need Rob for this one and he hasn't been very cooperative. 8) I have graduated from having to shift my weight back and forth and side to side. Now I only need to do slow circles, with my eyes open and then closed for one circle.

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