Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In Which There is HUGE News!

Yesterday I had a physical therapy appointment and it looks like we are coming to the end of my treatment. Mostly we talked but what we talked about was, aside from the usual assessment of how I am feeling, included such things as:
  • My relearning to drive
  • My returning to work
  • My no longer needing to do the physical therapy exercises but
  • My needing to get other exercise
Other exercise. Like walking more. Like going to walk where there are crowds. Like relearning how to drive by going to a parking lot and literally starting where I began with learning how to drive. She even suggested that I should take driving lessons to help me feel safer and more secure. As for returning to work, slow and steady. She thinks it would be best if I were to start with a part time job and gradually increase my hours. Start with four hours a day or work only two or three days a week. (This is all great news but it has come about three months too late, financially speaking, and I am feeling an incredible amount of pressure to work, to earn as much as I can as quickly as I can.) The physical therapy exercises are all dropped although I may still need to do the one I dislike most occasionally. Also, many of the yoga exercises I was doing are part of my yoga routines. Almost every yoga routine will include tadasana and virabhadrasana I and II. I guess in a way I will continue doing what I have been doing but not within the same context. Today I need to call my mother and tell her the incredible news. Then I need to do my morning yoga. Later, I will likely put the dogs in the crate to go out for a walk. And throughout the day, I’ll be updating my resume, uploading it to the usual job search sites, and getting ready to return to the real world beyond my home.


  1. Wow. A lot of thinging happening there. That is great about relearning to drive, and a job. How are you feeling about it? How is the vertigo, do you still get it?


  2. I do not know what happened... but I wish you well~

    Stay strong!

  3. Thank you Kath. I will and I am.

  4. Alex, How do I feel? Overwhelmed. Excited. Scared. Eager. Frustrated. I feel so many different things it's impossible to nail it down. All I know is that I am amazing at my progress and annoyed that I am not able to do more NOW!