Saturday, October 11, 2008

Non-Fiction RAWS (Read Along With Satia)

I am thinking of dividing my RAWS into two parts--fiction and non-fiction. This could make things easier for some people to play along with me. Or maybe not. I don't know. Anyway, here are five books I have before me which are begging to be read. Due to the nature of these books, I do not know if we should share our writing so much as we should share or experiences. I suspect much of this will stir up some very personal things. When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes: The Healing Power of Writing by Susan Borkin offers over 70 exercises to hearl the mind, body, heart, and soul. There are four five star reviews for this book on so I am guessing it is pretty good. She was one of the presenters at the Wellness and Writing Connections Conference but I did not go to her session because it conflicted with another I wanted to attend. It was often difficult to choose. But here I have her book and that has to count for something. Maybe she'll present again next year and I won't be torn when choosing her session over another.
Writing from the Inside Out: Using a Journal for Personal Growth & Transformation is also by Susan Borkin and appears to be a workbook companion book for the previous book but I may be completely mistaken. Who knows? There’s really only one way to find out. Read both books. But for those who prefer lots of blank pages seeking to be filled with responses and writing, this is possibly the better choice. I get both excited and intimidated by them so working through this book with someone else would be wonderful because then I'd be more likely to finish it cover to cover. But knowing me I'd have to do it in my own book because I am a freak like that. Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing by Julie Davey shares the stories of various cancer survivors and their writing. There are, of course, writing exercises included. She is a lovely woman and the profits for this book go to City of Hope Cancer Center. She is an incredibly warm woman and doesn't have any of those letters after her name. In other words, she's a layman in some ways. She fell into this by accident, if you believe in such things. She is a cancer survivor and wanted to give of herself. When she went to the City of Hope to offer her golf cart driving experience, they saw something more necessary for their patients. There is an audacity to these glorious coincidences that let you know you are where you belong in spite of where you thought you ought to be.
The Well-Being Journal: Drawing on Your Inner Power to Heal Yourself by Lucia Capacchione offers a lot of writing exercises, including some that are drawing exercises. I have her book The Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself but have never read it. I would love to work through both but this one intimidates me slightly less than the other which is why I am listing it first. If someone has her other book and would prefer to start there, I am open to doing that as well. One of the people who wrote a blurb for the back cover is James Pennebaker. I reviewed two of his books for my well-being blog so there seems to be a theme here. The Way of the Journal by Kathleen Adams is a journaling workbook. I cannot praise her Journal to the Self strongly enough so I am confident that working through this book will be a glorious experience. Because this is a workbook, there are a lot of blank pages ready to be filled. According to the back cover, there are two weeks worth of exercises that can be completed in 30 minutes a day. Let's be real for a moment. As much as I write, suggesting that I could do anything in 30 minutes is like saying I am dizzy. Ironic and laughable, if you know me and understand that I have vertigo. And write. A lot. So I think I'd allow myself more than 30 minutes to do the exercises because I know myself well enough to know that my doing them in 30 minutes is not likely.


  1. We love the Way of the Journal! Awesome Workbook. We volunteer to do this one with you. Although a few of us have done it, we'll have someone else do it this time round. Just let us know when you want to start.

  2. Well, I was planning on posting about the Wellness and Writing Connections Conference in my wellbeing blog on Wednesday and start reading the book of choice that same day.

    Would that be too soon?

    I'll move this discussion to email to make things easier for us both. I'm thrilled you'll be joining me.