Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Six Months Not Quite But

As those of you who've been reading along know, every six months I take the time to choose a new religion to explore. I am not suggesting that in six months I can fully delve into the riches that any spiritual path offers. However, I am already aware that in six months I can feel what paths resonate and which do not quite feel or fit my own life with its existing beliefs.
Earlier this year, Tantric Yoga was to be explored beginning in June. However, in late June Snowdoll surprised us all by having seven puppies and my time became consumed with puppies and taking care of them until we could find them new homes. By the time that had happened, I'd lost nearly three months of practice because it took me a while to get my post-puppy bearings again.
So here I am facing the oncoming new year and anticipating a new choice. I considered briefly that I would pick up with Tantric Yoga, since I did not get the chance to do it as I had intended. However, the second place choice from the last poll was A Course in Miracles. The reason I am leaning towards the second place is because ACIM is divided into three sections: textbook, workbook, and teacher's manual. The workbook is divided into 365 lessons so it makes sense to begin ACIM with the new year.
To that end, I am officially announcing my next spiritual exploration focus. This does not mean I won't continue reading texts on other spiritual paths or doing yoga or sitting zazen. It just means that I will make reading the textbook and supplementary books (by Marianne Williamson, Gary Renaud, et al) a higher priority.
I'll post a list of ACIM books I have or can borrow from my local library for those interested in joining me for the first six months of next year. Look for that later this week. Woohoo!

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