Saturday, March 15, 2008

In Which I Finish a Classic Young Adult Novel

I bought Emily of New Moon by Lucy Maud Montgomery when I was in the flurry of Anne of Green Gables and Jane Austen, reading these delightful stories of young women falling in love and living at a time that seems so uncomplicated. Although intellectually I understand that this was far from true, that life was never so simple, there are times in my life, when my own life has become too complicated, when I need to lose myself in a romanticized version of the past.

I remember beginning Emily of New Moon and immediately putting it down because it was not immediately as charming or gentle as Anne of Green Gables. Emily Starr, as a literary character, was not quite the kindred spirit I had found in Anne Shirley. Emily is quieter, more melancholy perhaps. Her loss is more real because the reader experiences it along with Emily.

And yet, I recognize more of myself in Emily than I do in Anne. Her unsent letters written to her deceased father are a familiar journaling exercise and her love of language that manifests itself through poetry is glorious. There are enough parallels between the two books to feel like one is in familiar territory. Like Anne, Emily does not immediately have a relationship with the matriarch of her new home, an emotional bond she does build with her uncle. Nevertheless, there is just enough new here to make reading about Emily not overly redundant.

I closed the book wanting to immediately begin the next book in the trilogy, Emily Climbs, but I hesitate because I cannot find the third book. I am sure it is somewhere still hidden, buried in a box that has not yet been unpacked. But I am looking forward to it, curious to see how Emily’s relationships evolve and what will happen to her in the pages of the next two volumes of her life.

Friday, March 14, 2008

In Which I Finally Have Some More Puppy Pics

Healing is a matter of time,
but it is sometimes also
a matter of opportunity.

Healing seems to be the theme of my life lately. I learned to do Reiki but I confess I have not been practicing on myself. I would love to give Reiki to others but I am not sure of the ethics behind giving Reiki where it is not requested. And, although I have offered to give distance Reiki to people who have requested it, they never followed through and I did not want to do something without coordinating the experience on both sides.

Often, the process of healing stirs up pain before it brings the peaceful experience of healing. This is definitely true of emotional healing which, when begun, can make the person going through the process feel far worse than they did when they began digging into the memories that are embedded in pain. For this reason, I do not reach out where I am not invited. And yet, I do not offer myself the gift I have been given. So this quote is a friendly reminder to myself to look at the opportunities for healing I have before me and to approach them with as much openness, hope, trust, and grace as possible.

Snowdoll doesn't understand that the yoga mat is for me to use for my yoga. She seems to think that the reason I lay out the yoga mat is so that she can lie down on it.

This slows me down when I am trying to do my daily yoga. Rob, of course, reminds me that I am the alpha dog and have the right to remove her if I like. Technically I know this is true but look at how comfortable she is!

Now here, she does not look quite as comfortable. I am still trying to understand the logistics of this twisting sleepy position. It reminds me of the old Peanuts cartoons where Sally is walking around with her cat just sort of dangling and Snoopy marvels at how the cat seems to lack bones.

Perhaps sleeping in a normal puppy position is something that comes with age. Doesn't Romanov look almost as comfortable on the floor as Snowdoll did on my yoga mat? Maybe she'll decide the mat isn't as comfortable as she thinks.

Then again, it seems that Romanov is learning more than from Snowdoll than vice versa for Romanov, who is not a snuggler, seems to be learning to tolerate what heretofor was concidered intolerable.

If you look closely, however, you can see that he has his eyes open, watching her, trying to determine why she insists on lying so close when there's a whole house in which she can lie down if only she would go away!

No matter how deeply asleep Romanov may be when Snowdoll approaches he lets out a low rumble of a growl. The problem is, it sounds more like a purr and Snowdoll has already figured out that Romanov is really a pussy cat, even if it is Snowdoll who seems to sleep like one.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

In Which I Keep a Promise to Myself

I have been silent for a reason, avoiding words as much as possible. No. That's not quite right because I have filled pages in my journal and I have been reading. But mostly I keep looking for something that isn't there and wondering why. Why do I keep looking? If history is any indication then I will look and find nothing so why do I keep looking?

Because hope springs eternal and I always look for the best in everyone although not always myself.

See? Even when I finally get around to words I can't help but be cryptic. In any event, tomorrow there will be puppy pictures (yay!) and in the coming days there will be a book review or two (yay!) and a movie review (yay!) and other random thoughts and ideas just to fill the internet with yet another voice in the wilderness.

Aries Horoscope for week of March 13, 2008

He "cleans up well" is prison lingo. It refers to a convict who, upon leaving jail, is able to overhaul his appearance and demeanor so thoroughly that no one can tell he has served time. I believe that in the coming weeks you will have access to another version of this skill. You will so completely erase the traces of your own personal version of "incarceration" that everyone will assume that you've always been a free bird.