Saturday, July 05, 2008

Puppy of the Day: C

After days of trying, I finally have a video of puppy tails wagging. Of course, since they don't really have very good motor control, it is the funniest looking thing. I wish I could have caught it a couple of days earlier, before they figured out how to lift their tails in typical Siberian Husky fashion but still . . . tail waggers!!

And now, puppy C (aka Dashes).

C wasn't very successful at finding the nipple the first couple of days so Rob and I often had to help him (2:3/m:f) in order to ensure he ate. We were hoping that none of the puppies would turn out to be a runt and if a little help was needed to make that happen we were not above helping.

And this is why we called C Dashes for a while there. Marc calls him Junpei which I am sure is some anime, manga, or video game reference but I didn't ask.

C also has an uncanny knack for getting lost and stuck behind Snowdoll, wedging himself behind where she is lying and then making a lot of noise until someome comes to the rescue.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Puppy of the Day: D

I change the bedding in the puppy box every day. This is easier said than done because Snowdoll does not like it when any of her puppies are removed from the box so we have to coordinate this. Someone else will take her outside and I will begin the process of making the change.

First a spread a towel out and then I put each of the puppies onto the towel in a nice neat puppy row. This neatness doesn't last long but I already have the new bedding ready so I simply snatch out the old and lay out the new. Then I return each of the puppies back to the box, one beside the other.

So far Snowdoll is none the wiser. She returns, realizing that the bedding has changed, but she doesn't seem to be too distressed by the change.
And now onto D (aka Diamonds).

You can really see how much the little pink noses are turning darker each and every day. And D is yet another girl. So we have 3 girls and 1 boy so far. (I have a feeling that there will be more girls but Rob doesn't agree. We shall know in a few more days.)

The little marks on her back resulted in her name being Diamonds. I am not allowed to name her or any of the puppies so she's D. D for Diamonds.

She is crossing her legs like a little lady. Sleeping puppies are sooooo cute! I can't stand it!

I mean, isn't this just insanely adorable? That's F in the middle and F and . . . well, I haven't introduced them all yet. Shhhh . . . patience.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Puppy of the Day: E

The puppies squeal and squeek a lot sounding like little mousy piglets. But lately we have noticed a slight change and there seems to be a shift about to happen. Soon they will be all yips and yaps and yelps.

They also kept us up last night being more noisy than usual which means I am more tired than usual and not feeling very blogging clever. With that said, may I introduce E.

I've been introducing the puppies in reverse order but the truth is, I don't really know which puppy came first--E or G. You see, they looked so much alike at birth and it wasn't until later that I could really differentiate between the two of them.
See what I mean? they look a lot alike even now but, as they have matured, their features have gradually changed.
Also E is quieter. She isn't as much of a scrambler and I don't think she'll be one of the first to escape but she may surprise me.
Quiet or not, she is so adorable!!! It's usually the quiet ones you have to watch because they are the ones that get into the most trouble. I was a quiet baby and we all know the trouble I have managed to get myself into.

Giving Reiki to Others

My original intention was to write about my experiences with receiving Reiki but I am feeling more a need to write about my experiences with giving Reiki. There haven’t been that many so this won’t be a terribly long post. During my attunement, I was fortunate to have my Reiki Master all to myself. He decided to do Reiki on me and then have me do Reiki on him. I wrote about that over here. About a week later I managed to convince Rob to let me do Reiki on him. Easier said than done because he’s so busy so, instead of giving him a full Reiki treatment, I only did a partial treatment. It last about thirty minutes, if that long, and afterwards he said he felt incredibly relaxed. He said that he felt as though he’d had a full body massage for an hour, that is how deeply relaxed he felt. During the session I felt a lot of energy around his left hip and I asked him about it. He said it felt fine. The next day, however, he said it was hurting him and he remembered that earlier the day before he had bumped into something but he didn’t make the connection when I asked him. So, even though I was not present for his hurting himself I felt something as I was doing the Reiki. Another time, I gave Reiki to Romanov. He normally would pull away whenever I tried to do it but his ears were beginning to bother him and I sat down next to him. When I started, rather than pull away as he usually did, he leaned into what I was doing, even relaxed into it. I haven’t tried to give Romanov Reiki often. I usually just see if he leans into or walks away from me when I begin. The truth is, since that one time, he has always walked away but at least I know that if he wants or needs it he will stay when I start offering it to him. Snowdoll has been the only one in the house who has been open to receiving Reiki with any frequency. While she was in labor I gave her some but I wasn’t sure if she was receiving it because she wanted it or she was just lying there receiving it because she was in labor. However, the next day I sat beside her as she was nursing her pups. She was panting away and I reached out, first petting her and then placing my hands on her. She not only stopped panting but closed her eyes. I moved my left hand to be under her chin and she rested her head in my hand as my right hand remained on top, moving slowly from one place to another along her back. The session was ended when I became distracted by something and as soon as I felt myself slip from focusing on the Reiki, her eyes opened and she was soon back to panting. She and I have since had some Reiki time every day. Some sessions are longer than others but every time she will soon have her eyes closed and be breathing slowly as my hands move randomly. Although there are prescribed hand positions, even when I first did Reiki on Rob I intuitively changed some of the closing hand positions because I felt his need in his left hip. With Snowdoll, I always start at her head and either stay there the entire time or let one hand move along her spine. She doesn’t seem to mind, even when my hand moves close to where the puppies are. Her eyes will remain closed the entire time. From what I understand, animals know when and if they need healing. When an animal pulls away or seems disinterested then they do not need it. Sometimes, however, the animal is in so much discomfort that even the healing energy can be too stimulating. Still, my experiences with giving Reiki to others, as limited as it has been thus far, has been interesting for me.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Puppy of the Day: F

Snowdoll is obviously becoming more comfortable with leaving her puppies unattended. She has returned to lying in her favorite position (turtle) at her favorite spot in the kitchen. This still keeps her within earshot of the puppies so the minute they make any noise she is up and back in the box attending to their needs.

And today I introduce F.

F (nee Wrinkles) is a big girl. When she was first born she looked like she had a wrinkled forehead but she's beginning to fit into her skin a little better. Which is perhaps why is so big.

See how her little pink puppy nose is already beginning to change to black? I was thinking that G's nose might stay pink but it is already changing as well.

Also, F is constantly trying to find a way of escape. My money's on her or G making it out first and I would lean more towards F because she's so big. Her size might give her the crawling over edge necessary to be the first puppy to roam free.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Puppy of the Day: G

Rob has explained to me that, if I name the puppies, I will become attached to them. So, after much debate, we are giving them letters of the alphabet for names. This seems, on the surface, rather impersonal. But Rob and I both love music and why not name them according to the music scale?

Without further ado, I introduce G.

G was the last born puppy, the one that was not quite cleaned as thoroughly because mommy was so exhausted. But he is all clean now. And yes, he is a boy. His facial markings are much like Romanov's so it is safe to say that he will look much like his daddy.

Except that he's brown, which is why G used to be called Brownie. G is very good at trying to escape and I would be surprised if he were not the first or second to get out of the box. G can be very noisy when he is hungry and wanting to find something to eat.

But most of the time he spends wandering the perimeter of his box, plotting his inevitable escape. That is, when he isn't using his sibling for a pillow during a nap.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Too Too Cool

My step-sister Janice . . . a video about her book and her life and just . . . well, I am blown away by her facets. Have You Found Her from Milk Products on Vimeo.

Puppy Faces

Here are pics of the puppy faces. I can't tell you in what order these puppies were born because I can only say for certain which is number one and which is number seven. Somewhere in between it is all a puppy blur.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Puppies Day One

Rob and I wanted to get headshots of each of the puppies but this is not as easy as you would think. We have five so far but we have two more to go before I will upload them so maybe tomorrow. In the meantime . . .

Mommy and baby sleeping side by side. (Of course, as soon as I approached with the camera, Snowdoll opened her eyes so just imagine that they are closed.)

This is Brownie (that is what I am calling this one anyway) asleep between Mommy's tail and butt.

And a happy Mommy who still wishes that me and my camera would go away.

Finally, a video of Mommy cleaning some of her puppies. (Poor quality due to my using my camera phone.)