Saturday, September 27, 2008

We've Been Taking Turns

Last weekend Rob started getting sick. Then Snowdoll had diarrhea most of the week. Then by the end of the week I was not feeling my best. My sleep is so completely out of whack, I don't know whether it's night or day. I wrote this last week sometime but then forgot about it. Oops. Snowdoll has not seemed to miss Tipsy as much as we had thought she might. I gave Tipsy a blanket to sleep with and I think that the smell of Tipsy on the blanket made the transition of her leaving a little easier. Not so easy is missing her myself. Hmph! But Tipsy’s parents gave me a beautiful beaded purse and I have decided that going forward everyone should give me beaded purses. And I don’t mean for birthdays and such. I mean just randomly give me beaded purses because I truly was not expecting anything by way of payment beyond a thank you and a hug or two. And puppy kisses of course! Here are a couple of videos I took of Tipsy and Snowdoll playing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Read Along With Satia (aka RAWS)

First, let me state for the record that Monday did not exist for me. I woke up a few times. Looked at the time. Fell back into my pillows. I slept more. I turned off my cell phone and slept even more. I just refused to wake up.
It was lovely. Of course now it is midnight, the cusp of Tuesday and Wednesday and I am wide awake.
Which is why I am introducing RAWS--Read Along With Satia. The purpose of this is threefold:
1) I can't find any book groups to which I can afford to belong because they either meet at expensive venues or only read the latest best-seller which is always already loaned out at the library, or they read books too obscure for the usual library to carry. 2) I really want/need to read the books that are cluttering up my life and home. But some of my books are the kind I would also love to discuss with others. Not always but sometimes. 3) My taste in books is rather eclectic so I'm not likely to ever find a single book group to meet my reading needs . . . hence, why not invite random people to randomly read along with me?
Right now, I am plowing my way through The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama, To Paris by Samual Hazo, and Soul Wisdom by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. High on my list of "next books to read" are the following, the first contenders for RAWS!
Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett. Now to be completely honest there probably won't be much to discuss. I don't read Pratchett for intellectual stimulation. Rather, I read him for a little fun and the occasional guffaw. He makes me laugh. Out loud. So the extent of the "conversation" around this book would probably be, "I nearly spit coffee all over page xxx." For the record, my favorite character is DEATH and I love vampires and the witches are in this one so it really has all the best of Discworld to offer. I would be surprised if this one didn't end up being up there as one of my favorites. Still, I know, there really isn't going to much intellectual discourse resulting in readng this book whether I do it solo or ensemble.
The Overflowing Brain by Torkel Klingberg. Here's one of those books my library wouldn't have. The concept is pretty fundamental--as technology advances, our brain has remained relatively unchanged for millenia. So while we are multi-tasking are we compromising or enhancing the brain's capacity? I am hoping that this book will help me reconcile my growing spiritual conviction with the reality of the world in which I live. I cringe whenever I see the words "multi-task" and find myself opening only one or two windows at a time. I can't tell if I am wanting less stimuli because I have grown unaccustomed to it or if I am just getting old.
Carnival Evening by Linda Pastan. One of my favorite poets. I miss talking about poems I love and sharing them with others. More than that, I miss the surprises that I overlook and having someone else point out to me the repeated imagery, comparing one poem to another, etc. Reading with a second pair of eyes not my own makes poetry all the more pleasurable. I met Pastan when I was in college, before I had read much of her poetry. But every time I read a new volume of her work I am reminded of the impression she made upon me when I met her--a lovely, gentle woman, unassuming and honest. Perhaps I esteem her more highly now after falling ever more deeply in love with her verse but I could be accused of worse.
The Tale of Genji by . I had to have one die hard classic here because classics absolutely scream to be discussed. This is a book I have long said I want to read but then haven't. It is a novel in six parts so perhaps, if anyone should be so bold as to join me in the reading of this particular book, we could agree to read one part then take a break for a couple of weeks, read part two, etc. I have started it and loved the bits of poetry, the notations that explain certain cultural and historical details (without distracting from the narrative), and the images that complement the text so perfectly. This is the cover of the edition I own and I think it would be lovely to read it with someone else.
The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron. A friend and I discussed working through this book together. I bought us both copies and . . . I would still rather read this one along with someone else so if there are no takers this time around, I may relist it in future RAWS invitations. I loved The Artist's Way but have never read nor worked through any of her other books. I want to but every group I have joined that started with The Artist's Way, with intentions of moving on to other of her books, fell apart after the first twelve weeks. Some would stumble and stagger for a couple of weeks through The Vein of Gold and even my mother and, although we had agreed to read Finding Water, never even began it. So I know without a partner I won't do it.
It is now 12:47 and it took me that long to resize pictures, format this post, etc. Still not tired so I guess I'll go read some more.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Writing Prompts

This week, rather than my giving YOU a writing prompt, here is a site that generates random writing prompts. The challenge here is to post a prompt . . . but if I write a response to what you wrote then you have to write one as well. So c'mon! Dare me! Challenge me. If you're up to it. I dare you!

Look at some other wonderful photos for inspiration: