Monday, June 15, 2009

You Are How You Move by Ged Sumner

You Are How You Move: Experiential Chi Gung by Ged Sumner is a practical guide that serves well as a basic introduction to qigong. It does not go deeply into the history of the practice, nor does it delve too far into the philosophy of qigong overall. What the book lacks in depth, it makes up for in practicality. Full of photographs and suggested exercises, the beginner can easily try qigong without feeling overwhelmed with too much information. For the most part, I found the descriptions of the exercises easy to follow, well complimented for the most part by the photographs. For one practice I found confusing I was able to find a video on youtube that explained the exercise visually. The Sea Form exercise was a bit confusing because the description and photograph did not agree but I think the photograph is more accurate because, based on the image one would get of a wave being made with the hands, the photo simply makes more sense. All in all, there was only one form/exercise I could not find on youtube and/or figure out using the description and photographs. In other words, for once I am not whining about how nice it would be if the author and/or publisher would provide a dvd to help the reader to do the exercises. Even the meditation practices are short enough to be read, the book set aside, and then the meditation done without referring again to the text. I’m going to hold onto this book for a little while. I want to play with the exercises a bit, see how the practices can complement what I am already doing with my qigong and Reiki. Who knows? Maybe I’ll decide to keep it permanently.

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