Friday, August 28, 2009

Story I Started

I started this and then relapsed so I never finished it, as you can quickly tell from the XXXXX and YYYYY which would have later been changed to usernames in a revision. No revision means the "place holder" remains. Anyway, unfinished and rough. Enjoy! XXXXX: Hey! YYYYY: here what’s up XXXXX: Did you hear? YYYYY: ya XXXXX: Do you think she meant it? YYYYY: dunno attention whore maybe XXXXX: Maybe. Still. Messed up. YYYYY: yeah i guess XXXXX: You guess? Don’t you feel bad? YYYYY: my mom’s calling ttyl XXXXX: Later. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever,” Tyffany said as she pulled Denise into a hug. “You were gone most of the summer.” “I know. I can’t believe the rents didn’t get me back sooner. I barely had time to do any shopping for school.” Tyffany stepped back, gave a quick twirl to show off a new outfit which, if Denise had chosen to be brutally honest, looked like most of the things Tyffany wore—tight and trendy. “You look great.” That was true but Tyffany always looked great. “You do too. Geez, I missed you. Where’s River? What’s taking her so long? I thought I was late.” Tyffany was dumping things from her backpack, cluttering the foot of the bed with random things. “Her mom asked her to do something or other. She’ll be here soon.” As if on cue, River burst through the door, practically tackling Tyffany with a hug. “You bitch! You hardly emailed or anything.” “Don’t hate me. I wanted to write more but we were so busy. ‘Sides, I bought you gifts. You too, ‘Nise.” Tyffany stooped over her pile of things and sorted through, finally pulling up two boxes. “Tada!” Tyffany handed each a box while explaining that they had to open them together because she had gotten them both the same thing. “On the count of three. One. Two. Three.” Denise looked down at the small sterling silver ring, two hands holding a heart with a crown on it. River looked up at Denise at the same time her face a mirror of Denise’s own confusion. “It’s nice,” Denise said, diplomatically because the truth was that the ring was not something she couldn’t have picked up at the mall, at the kiosk where there were all sorts of sterling silver rings, toe rings, bracelets, and pendants. “I bought one for myself too,” Tyffany said holding out her right hand. “You wear it with the heart facing your fingernail if you are not in a relationship.” Removing the ring she flipped it around so that the heart pointed towards her knuckle. “When you wear it like this, it means you are in love.” “Okay,” Rain put the ring on first one finger and then another trying to find which one it fit best. Eventually she landed on her middle finger. Denise was able to put it on her ring finger which is where Tyffany was wearing hers. “Now here’s the plan,” Tyffany continued explaining. “We have the school year to turn these things around. Each of us will have fallen in love by the last day of school or we have to, I dunno, do something really embarrassing.” “Like what?” “I don’t know. I didn’t think about the details. We have all night to talk about it.”

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  1. Yeah. I couldn't decide last year if I wanted to do this or another story for nanowrimo. Obviously the other story won out. This may find fruition someday but a lot of things have to change before that can happen and I'm not holding my breath.