Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fifteen in 2010 Revisited

I've been making progress through my list of Fifteen in 2010 but I still have a way to go.

To be honest, I've already started two of the books on the list and I haven't included them in this "revisited" post because they haven't been completely neglected.

I'm also not including the other poetry collection I have on my list because I am already reading one poetry book from my list.  I'd rather not read two.

There is something so freeing about this process of clearing things out.  I've actually pulled more than a few other books that I've given away unread or unexplored.  And I feel no qualms about having done so.

What's more, I've already begun my "next year's" list, pulling a random series of books from various shelves with the intention of creating a new list of "Read 'em or be rid of 'em" books.  And because next year is 2011, I am reviving another odd thing I did way back when.

What is that you may be asking?  (Or at least I hope you're asking anyway.)

In 2001 I committed to only reading books by women.  It was an interesting personal challenge because I found very few on the bargain book tables and shelves written by women I would want to read.  I could find plenty of romance novels. And mysteries.  And tons of self-help books on weight loss and self-improvement and rarely any that I felt were truly about self-awareness or even overcoming the self.

In other words, much to my surprise, the quality of books I found on the bargain tables was disappointing.

But that's okay, for you see, I won't be trying to find bargain books or discount books or anything like that.  The purpose of these Fifteen in (insert year here) challenges is to read books I already own and which I want to either read or get rid of.

Sooooo . . . in 2011 I will once again commit to only reading books by women.  Which is why my next year's pile is easy for me to create because I've already narrowed down my choices.  When I was trying to pull this year's list from my shelves, I sometimes felt a bit overwhelmed but because I am only focusing on women's writing next year, I can only consider women authors for next year's pile.

Not that anyone really cares but here's a funny Rob story.

In 2000 Rob and I started dating.  Towards the end of the year I told him about my plan to only read women's books and he went out shopping one day and looked for the thickest, longest book he could find written by a woman.

He found Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Now, to be honest, he could have found many other, longer books but he didn't look further and bought this one and gave it to me with such enthusiasm and excitement.

(To this day I am amazed.)

Somehow, and I am not sure how, Rob was unaware that this book was the fourth in a series of books.  Since I had not read the previous three books I had to go out and buy all three before I could read the fourth book.

Which is precisely what I did and much of early 2001's reading was my catching up with the whole Harry Potter phenomenon.

So there.  A little Rob story mixed in with the revisit of the Fifteen in 2010 list.  Now I need to choose which of these will be the next to be read.  Any suggestions?  Any preferences?  

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