Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Randomness--All Kinds of Artsy Stuff

I love this.  The artist felt like she was getting into a watercolor palette rut so she created these color dice to encourage her to think outside her safety zone.  She even offers a template so you can make your own.  Brilliant!

Speaking of which, here is a free online watercolor course that begins on May 28. Mark your calendars!!!  (And if you sign up for the email notification, be sure to say you learned about the course here!)

I really enjoyed E*phi=log's fake journal and was rather pushy (although she says I was merely insistent) about her making hard copies (aka zines) available to other people.  And she's doing it.  Yay!
(She also has this ridiculously cute picture of a girl dangling from her pet giraffe's leash.  Scroll down to an older post if you don't immediately see it.)

This site typically shares disastrous cakes or just laughable ones.  If nothing else, some of these are definitely artsy.  And if you can go back to the Mother's Day post you'll find some really pretty ones.

Bit of you only want to see pretty things or if you want to know how to make your own pretty things, then this cake site may be the answer.  (Albeit, if you end up doing something on this website and end up on the other you only have yourself to blame.)

I love what this artist did--creating individual pieces inspired by songs of the Beatles.  I'm not sure what size each piece is individually.  I posted a comment asking.  Hopefully, I'll have an answer before this post goes live.
Just out of curiosity, what musical artist would you find inspiring enough to do something like this, if you were artistically inclined to do this?

The details in this artist's sketches are mind blowing.

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