Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Randomness

Low carb veggies--good information for diabetics and those who are trying to choose between veggies.

This is an interesting idea.  Not anywhere near me but perhaps you live somewhere other than here.  Notebooks placed in random places and people can sit down on the special benches to leave a message for the next reader. There's a weekly email you can sign up for to read different messages from the pages.  Archives on the website if you can't wait for next week's message.

Article on journaling for well-being.

And journaling for stress-management.

Laure Ferlita, the Imaginary Trip creator, is now offering some preliminary journaling courses and you can even watch a video demonstration of her teaching and technique.  I am definitely impressed.  If I had the financial resources, I would definitely sign up!

And I like this woman's explanation of how she used the grid technique to do a portrait of her mother.

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