Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am now a Reiki Master (Mistress?)

Today I went for my Reiki Master attunement.

First, I was attuned at the Advanced Reiki Treatment (ART) level.

Then, I was attuned at the Reiki III/Master level.

Seems I got a bargain on how much I paid which is a good thing.  I love bargain shopping even when it is not intentional.  I would have only gone to this Reiki teacher because he was so wonderful the first time and really supported me through the the attunements that resulted in my being a Reiki II practitioner.

So what does this mean?  Mostly it means that I am now qualified to teach Reiki to others.  I can, of course, continue giving Reiki to people and I am still free to give Reiki to others.

It was lovely but I won't bore everyone with the details.  I am simply blissful and all after-glowing.

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