Monday, May 17, 2010

Reiki for Anxiety

I came across this article, Reiki for Anxiety:, in which the writer says:

"For Reiki to work the patient has to believe 100% that the treatment method is genuine and that it will work."

To be honest, I disagree with the above statement. I am a skeptic. I was attuned to Reiki because people kept asking me "Do you do Reiki?" I realized that whatever Reiki may or may not be, I was being nudged in its direction. And so I read a couple of books and found a teacher I trusted, one who could share his lineage, etc., and I was attuned.

But I was still skeptical. Until I started doing it on others. I couldn't even trust it was working on myself. After all, if I gave myself Reiki because of cramps or because I needed to feel more relaxed and later noticed that the cramps were gone or I was no longer tense was it really the Reiki or just my desire at work?

Then I gave Reiki to others and I started to believe just a little bit more and then a bit more and . . .

I'm still a skeptic. Ha! Bet you didn't see that coming! I'm a skeptic but I'm open to my experiences with Reiki and I know that I am growing through the experience. I also feel that the more I do it, the more I will believe. In the meantime, I'm here able, willing, and even eager to give Reiki. Maybe this is a way for me to raise that desperately needed $10,000.

Hmmmm . . .

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  1. We think it is right to be skeptical. It is difficult to 100% believe in anything.

    We were doubtful about Reiki, but open to trying it, and it did work.

  2. I love hearing that it worked for you. I know that I feel things when I give Reiki and I never know if it is just my desire/expectations or if it is something more.

    Obviously, sometimes it is something more.

  3. I don't believe in Reiki any more than I believe in electricity. I flip the switch and the lights go on. I place my hands and there is benefit, although the benefit may not be as clearly defined as the lights going on. But the best results come when Reiki self-treatment is practiced every day, with additional treatment if a particular need that arises.

    Satia, do you know that there have been a number of small studies that have shown Reiki treatment can reduce anxiety? You can find out more on the Medical Papers page of

  4. Pamela, Yes I am aware of the research and already have the website bookmarked. Thank you. Perhaps others who read the post and these comments will follow the link as well.