Friday, May 14, 2010

Yoga Journal - Meditation - The Shining

Yoga Journal -  The Shining

This article discusses meditation, specifically using the koan "Who am I?"

Those of you who have been reading along lately know that I've been bumping into this teaching over and over time and time again.

I came to Reiki in a similar way, having different people ask me "Do you do Reiki?"  By the third query, I knew I was being nagged in a particular direction.  (I share my Reiki story here.)

Of course, one could argue that I'm just reading a lot of books that are bound to highlight this "Who am I?" practice.  And whenever that sort of thing happens, I know I need to pay attention.  

What are you being asked?  I mean besides my just now asking what you are being asked.  That doesn't count.

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