Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zine Thing Officially Done

So yesterday Rei came over and at 10am she, Marc, and I began the 24 hour zine thing.

Marc finished his first.  Rei, by that time, had discarded her original idea and began a new one.  All told she completed 24 pages but not of a single zine.

I finished mine at 7am.  Now we need to scan, print, copy, cut, fold, staple, glue, and they should be ready to go.

I haven't made something like this since I was a kid and I tried to stick with hand-writing it all but I did print out a recipe to ensure it would all fit on a single page.  Thematically, it worked together better than I could have possibly anticipated.  Themes seemed to echo themselves.  The rough draft had more content which I dropped in favor of being more cryptic with some things.  I may write up an annotated explanation of some of the things I was trying to do on each page or what the effect is I was hoping to create.

But in the end, I now it is mostly crap.  After all, it is damn near impossible to think one could pull together a zine masterpiece in 24 hours.  Not unlike nanowrimo where you know what you are doing is mostly fun and not likely to produce a final product worth being shared with the public.

In some ways this was more like the annual blogathon where you post to your blog every 30 minutes for 24 hours.  Truth is, I found this zine thing easier and when I finished doing the blogathon I swore I would never do it again whereas with the zine thing I am considering giving it another go next year.  Under the circumstances, I would label that a successful experience.

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