Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Randomness--Kirigami

Edit:  Although this post receives more views week after week than practically any other post I make, nobody has left a comment to say hello, to introduce themselves.  So I am saying "Hello, my name is Satia and I'm happy you dropped by."  

A few weeks ago I shared a collection of images for paper embroidery. Then I saw a book on paper architecture and I was so excited by it that I started looking online for kirigami and paper creations that . . . well, I think they are quite lovely and inspiring.


Hans Christian Andersen apparently was fond of cutting paper designs which often incorporated images of ballet dancers, swans, and skulls.  Just a bit of trivia for your day.


Kanako Yaguchi’s Kirigami: Delightful Forms of Cut Paper

For the record, many of the sites from which I am copying these images (with the link immediately below) have many other beautiful examples so you really should visit these sites if you like what you see here.


Check these out as well


  1. Hi Satia!!!! thank you for share this art with us....... greetings from Colombia

    1. Thank you, Wilmar. I need to update this post, I see. Some of the images seem to be gone.