Monday, October 04, 2010

What I'm Listening To

I've decided to listen to every cd in my music collection.  Mostly to see if I can or should get rid of any music I've outgrown.  And maybe I can let go of some cds that someone else gave to me but isn't really my cup of tea.  Who knows?  Anyway, the project has officially begun and will probably take ages and ages to finish but I thought it'd be fun to share the randomness of my tastes without comment.  Let you decide which of these are keepers, were given to me, will be removed from my collection, etc.  (Bonus if you can guess which of these was given to me by Rob, my ex, and a friend.  Three of these cds were definitely gifts.)


  1. I almost can't figure out who got you what. One of each of these was giving to you by one of the 3 people listed? Is it one of each, like each person gave you one of the following cd's?

  2. A friend gave me one of the above.
    Rob gave me another of the above. My ex gave me one of the other of the above.

    So three of the above were gifts.

  3. Okay so here goes my guess:
    They weren't picked randomly but I can't explain my thought process
    Friend-Amy Grant
    Ex-The Who

  4. Unfortunately, the friend gave me Unbroken Necklace, my ex gave me Amy Grant, and Rob gave me the John Mayer. (I can't believe that Rob encourages my listening to, as he affectionately calls it, "mellow crap.")