Saturday, December 18, 2010

Proof is in the Pudding

I've been complaining about the poor quality of editing in the Transformational Book Circle books I've been reading.  Here is an example from their edition of Siddhartha: An Indian Tale by Hermann Hesse which is why it is hard to appreciate the quality of the story because the frustration I feel at the editing is obviously associated with the editing as I'm reading along.

Anyway.  Enough.  Here's an example and perhaps you will agree or disagree with me.

“And do you, sir, intent to continue travelling without clothes?”
“Ah, most of all I wouldn’t want to continue travelling at all. Most of all I would like you, ferryman, to give me an old loincloth and kept me with you as your assistant, or rather as your trainee, for I’ll have to learn first how to handle the boat.”
For a long time, the ferryman looked at the stranger, searching.
“Now I recognise you,” he finally said.  “At one time, you’ve slept in my hut, this was a long time ago, possibly more than twenty years ago, and you’ve been ferried across the river by me, and we parted like good friends.  Haven’t you’ve been a Samana?  I can’t think of your name any more.”  (93)

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