Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Randomness

International Fake Journal Month?  With all the fake blogs and websites out there, is this really necessary?  I think the amusement factor for this escapes me but I thought someone else might find it fun or even entertaining.

But then, after finding that post about fake journaling, I came across this imaginary trip idea where the person leads the participants on an imaginary trip to the beach or Paris or England.

And here is someone who posted their sketches from their imaginary beach trip.  The blogger says that she was new to watercolor and her sketchbook looks amazing.  Color me impressed!

So I guess now I'm sold on the idea of fake journaling.  If the person who leads these trips ever does one for Italy or New York City, I hope I can afford to "go" along.  I guess I need to hone my sketching skills first, however.

I like how this artist creates a one page sketch of her month.  An interesting way to journal a life.

Article on how to write a good cover letter.

Some interesting artwork here.  I adore Penelope’s Odyssey and am amused by some of the others while still others are provocative and evoking.  Nice work.

When this comes out on dvd . . .  oh boy!

Last but not least, this artist has some very pretty things.  Super girly girl stuff so naturally I had to share.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Comments, Computers, and Cash

It is a curious thing . . . I think I get more comments from hackers, spammers, and people hoping I'll click their link so I can get a virus on my computer.

I find this interesting because one would think I'd get more comments from people who theoretically follow my blog.  Not so much, however.

I delete these comments, of course.  I figure I don't want to encourage this type of nonsense in my blog.  I have my own nonsense to encourage.

Maybe someday the commenting demographic will shift and I'll post about how many more relevant comments I get than the other kind.

It could happen.  I believe in miracles.

Which is probably precisely what it will take to ensure that I have a working computer for once again my computer is done.  Joe just fixed it so the fact that it is once again a black screen of nothing with a single blinking white cursor is bad bad news. 

And to the person who found the money that Rob lost . . . I hope you needed it more than we did because we really could've used that money.  It wasn't enough to fix a computer and certainly not enough to replace it but we needed it. 


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Monday, March 22, 2010

My First New York from the editors of New York Magazine

My First New York:  Early Adventures in the Big City from the editors of New York Magazine is a collection of short recollections from a variety of people about their coming to New York for the first time.  However, for those not familiar with New York ideology it should be clarified that the memories are focused solely on Manhattan.  Anyone who comes from the tri-state area knows that when you say New York City you mean Manhattan but others may not get it.

In some ways, these stories all read like an inside joke and there are throw away observations that New Yorkers will get like when Andy Samberg compares California nature with New York nature and declares the latter “disgusting” or when Zoe Kazan says New York is like being in a good relationship, where you remember the first days—but it can also feel sometimes like the first days again.” 

The people included run the gamut from the famous to the obscure, from the admirable to the questionable and explore experiences that move from the Great Depression into the present.  Some of the writing is eloquent and potentially evocative but there is a sense of urgency in how short these pieces all are.  (Does Yogi Bera’s five word, two sentence comment really deserve a chapter all its own?)  These “essays” read more like essay-las (playing off novel/novella) where everything is told, ironically enough, in a New York minute.

For someone who has never fully tasted the city, it may suffice.  For someone who is feeling homesick, reading this book will be about as satisfying as walking past a bakery and not even getting a sample taste of what’s being offered.  A few longer pieces with emotional depth, sensorial explorations, and genuine insight into the culture shock and adaptation one would experience would have served the city and the reader better.  After all, the New York in which I grew up deserves at least that much insight and honesty and I had hoped this book would make me ache with homesickness.  I also dreaded the possibility.  I guess I’m lucky, albeit disappointed, that I experienced nothing of the kind.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

So, What Was Happening On Your Big Day?

My birthday is two weeks from today.  Here is what was happening on the day I was born.  Newsworthy stuff, I tell you!

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