Saturday, August 07, 2010

Why Good Writing Is Like Good Sex

I simply had to share the following link because this just a fun way of thinking about the process of writing. As one of the people who commented points out, however, the site is about the Joy of Writing, not the Joy of Editing or the Joy of Publishing.

Why Good Writing Is Like Good Sex:

"Natalie Goldberg makes this analogy in her book Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life. She maintains that there are five rules of writing and that they also apply to other aspects of life. She specifically mentions sex when listing them:
1. Keep your hand moving (I would add the caveat – if it knows what it’s doing. In both cases.)
2. Be specific
3. Lose control
4. Don’t think
5. Go for the jugular (Note: she doesn’t mean literally. At least I hope not. Killing people is not an activity sanctioned by this blog!)"

Poetry is a Hoax

This amused me so I had to share.

I haven't been writing a lot of poetry lately.  I don't actually feel its absence in my life much at all. I've been reading poetry, however, and perhaps am enjoying that more at the moment.  Odds are, when the poetry bug hits me again (as it inevitably will), I'll find what I am writing is better than it had been before.  Or maybe not.  We'll see.  Either way, for now it's all a hoax.  Damn you, Wordsworth!

Feeling Better Better Better

It's hard to say with a straight face: I woke up in pain and feel so much better.

 But really I did and I do. I still have a bit of a cough (one of the symptoms that comes with this particular virus of mine). That is par for the course, the last thing to go.

 The pain can be dealt with easily enough. Pop a couple of ibuprofen and wait.

 In the meantime, I am still a bit weak and, yes, the lymph node is smaller still and less painful to the touch. Whew!

For now, enjoy this bubble which my son happened to "capture" using his cell phone.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Enough to make your head spin | mango, casey, chair - Life - The Orange County Register

Enough to make your head spin | mango, casey, chair - Life - The Orange County Register:

"The rotational chair may look an amusement-park ride, but it's actually a sophisticated, $250,000 tool in the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and other balance disorders."

This doesn't sound very different from one of the tests I had to sit through when I was being diagnosed. It isn't as much fun as it sounds, especially when you have vertigo.

Friday Randomness

Every now and again, Blogs of Note gets it right.  Last week they featured this blog and I loved what I saw.  Although there isn't much content, what's there is choice.

So  I looked at her profile and came across this blog for the doll artist I've mentioned in my blog before but deserves a second mention.

Due to my illness, this is another sparse randomness.  I swear eventually I'll feel well and be able to flood you with links of true randomness.

Yay Feeling Better!

I am still very weak from the struggle with the fever but no headache and only achiness in my hips suggests that I am healing.  Tomorrow I'll probably be as close to 100% as one could hope.  If I don't wake up with any pain and the lymph node is no longer swollen and painful, I'll try to get back into my normal routine.  In the meantime, there's this:


From the often amusing site.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day Three and Counting

So I am still sick although the fever has stayed below 100 . . . however, I hurt all over and I have a lymph node that is swollen and painful.  (And inconveniently located to increase the likelihood of "ouch, that hurt!" moments.)

Low grade fever + headache + general over all body aches + swollen lymph node = still sick

In the meantime, since my son and his wife are having the worst luck ever in the history of bad luck, I ordered this book for them.  It should be here sometime next week.  Fingers crossed it will help them fix the garbage disposal and the dishwasher.  In the meantime, I may suggest they go to the library and see if they can't borrow a copy and get to work.

I'm off to watch a movie.  I've had a surprisingly challenging morning today and I'm ready to collapse.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Purposeful Reiki Healing

Purposeful Reiki Healing

This is Sister Eileen, talking about how healing can occur where traditional medicine has no cure.

Still sick

Yesterday's high was 101.9.

Today so far I've peaked at 101.5 and am achy and have a headache beyond reason.

Anyway, someone is having fun at Kanye West's expense on twitter using New Yorker cartoons.  I saw this one and had to share.

For @paulandstorm #kanyenewyorkertweets
For more, go here.  (Personally, I don't think the Thurber one is that funny but then the original Thurber one is a personal favorite so I may be biased.)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How to Treat Vertigo

How to Treat Vertigo:

"Treating vertigo depends upon the actual cause. Treatments include:
Reducing the dose of medications – if it is caused by certain medicines
Canalith repositioning procedure or Epley maneuver – used in BPPV cases, which the patient executes a number of movements
Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) – to reduce dizziness and help the patient counteract the symptoms of vertigo. The patient practices numerous movements for many times a day until he/she regains normal functioning of the vestibular system.
Surgery – for extreme cases, where the surgeon inserts a plug in the inner ear of the patient to correct the problem. Another surgery is destroying or eliminating the vertigo in the body. However, destructive surgical treatment may lead to hearing loss in some patients.
Anti-emetic drugs – for nausea, motion sickness and other inner ear disorders such as migraine and labyrithitis.
Aspirin – is for vertigo caused by conditions associated with poor circulation
Antibiotics – for bacterial infections
Natural treatment – such as ginkgo biloba and ginger to reduce impact of vertigo and nausea.
Quiet environment and resting in a dark room – to reduce exacerbating the problem"


Last night it hit. Fever.


Not contagious.  I think it's my old illness popping up.  So far it's only lasted a day.  When I was in college, however, I could go weeks with this, feverish day after day.

Here's hoping tomorrow I'll feel better but a little weaker for wear.  Unfortunately, we have a lot to do today, none of it including my staying in bed.

Edit:  Due to miscommunication, our plans for today have been canceled so I can stay in bed all day.  I'd be happy if I didn't feel so crappy.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Snow Dog Sunbathing

I swear Snowdoll is an old soul trapped in a puppy body. She sometimes lies down like a turtle. She eats like a goat--anything and everything. And she likes to lie in the sun, like a cat.
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In the winter the slant of the sun changes to where there is a large patch of sun that passes through this particular window in the late afternoon. But in the summer the sun barely makes it through the window and then only for a few minutes. Snowdoll practically has to snuggle up to the edge of the window to immerse herself in the warmth. And yet she manages.