Thursday, January 20, 2011


Rob is home.

We are all exhausted.

He needed an emergency appendectomy.  See that not pink thing inside him?  That not only should be pink but it's no longer inside his body.

From an email:

I'm back.  Home.  Not falling back into our routine yet.  I realized this morning that the idea of routine probably won't fall into place until sometime next week.  

One of the things I simply had to share was this:  I grabbed a few books as I headed out the door for the hospital and one of them was Death's Door by Sandra Gilbert.  Gilbert is the woman who wrote The Madwoman in the Attic and is fairly well-known in academic circles. I  wasn't thinking when I grabbed the book--the title alone made it a rather odd choice.  But it's academic right?  I mean, it's about writers and poets and artists and death . . .

It's also about Gilbert's own experience with her husband's death due to complications following a routine surgery.

I argue that when I grabbed the book, I didn't know Rob needed surgery--routine or otherwise.  I couldn't leave it in the car because then some superstitious voice suggested that if I did it would be a sign of acknowledging something worse than what I was already imagining.  So I had to take it with me.  

I didn't start reading it until I knew Rob was recovering, however.  I had it but I found anything else to read.  

I have to say, so far I highly recommend this book.  Very interesting.

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