Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Randomness--Legos

In honor of the anniversary of the Lego's design being patented, I thought why not celebrate by sharing various Lego things.

We begin with a few Harry Potter sets
Hogwart's Castle
Hogwart's Express
Diagon Alley
I used to buy Harry Potter Lego sets but then my son let his friends play with them and I lost pieces and . . . I was very unhappy.  Still am.  I haven't bought myself a Lego since.  I've been Lego traumatized!

Then they came out with Lego Architecture sets.  Ooooh . . .
The Empire State Building
The Guggenheim Museum
Falling Water

Rockefeller Center
I especially want the NYC buildings, of course, but they have a White House one as well and that would be pretty nifty to use educationally, perhaps when working through a unit on the history of the United States or during the next Presidential election.

And there is a wealth of fabulous Lego things out there on the internet.  If you find something you think I should have shared, feel free to leave a link in a comment.  And if you have any Lego's lying around you should go get some and have some fun.  Even better if you can share your Lego love with the younger generation.

Lego Sculpture

lego relativity


lego ironman Lego Iron man Is all The Craze Havent you Heard?

Lego Church 1


Thank you to the following sites:
Check out the entire artistic display.  Amazingly evocative.
Because why not make a super hero with a super toy?
There are a lot more great examples of cool Lego stuff on this site, obviously!
I was going to share them all but decided to let you see the rest of this amazing church for yourselves because it's worth clicking through.
There are LegoLands in other countries?  I didn't even know this!

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