Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Giggle

I am rereading Anne of Avonlea and this scene made me giggl.  Anne talking to a bachelor neighbor.  (24)

“Mrs. Milton White says she never met a perfect person, but she’s heard enough about one . . .her husband’s first wife.  Don’t you think it must be very uncomfortable to be married to a man whose first wife was perfect?”

“It would be more uncomfortable to be married to the perfect wife.”


  1. This did indeed make me giggle. :) I can tell you that my husband doesn't have that problem (being married to a perfect wife that is.0

  2. I know Rob isn't married to a perfect woman. Earlier he winced at some pain and I whimpered.

    "I hate being in pain," he said.

    "I hate your being in pain," I replied. "Unless I inflicted it, that is."

    Poor thing. Not even a week after his surgery and most of my sympathy is already out the window.

  3. Gosh. Your comment just made me laugh so hard. :D
    Thanks! (And sorry for being such a lurker, but you know... that awkward kind of feeling to repeat oneself and comment without saying much of interest etc...)

  4. Just so long as you occasionally come out from hiding so I don't forget you (as if reading your blog would ever allow me to do so), lurking is fine by me. Goodness knows, I am often remiss in leaving comments. Doesn't mean I'm not reading, just means I am not thinking of something so clever to say that I simply must say it. You know, not unlike now. Totally unclever.