Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bibi's Borrowed Books Bookshelf Part 1

I've been borrowing books from the library for Bibi and I want to keep up with the books I've borrowed with an eye to remembering which ones she especially likes.  I'll also be asking my son and daughter-in-law to keep me updated on Bibi favorites.  And I'm open to suggestions from anyone and everyone about books they remember liking when they were younger.  I'll post a new list every month, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, depending on how on top of library trips I am from one week to the next.


  1. I haven't seen Rainstorm, Alphabet City, or the Mother Goose book at our house. Did you keep those ones at your house?

    And we actually own a copy of Dr. Seuss's ABC book and I haven't seen that one here either.

    As far as favorites goes, there are a few! Ladybug girl of course. She also likes Moonfall and Harold and the Purple Crayon, First the Egg and there is also a Barney and Baby Bop book she likes called Follow that Cat. But I think her most favorite so far is The Water Hole.

  2. Erin, Joe rejected the Alphabet City one and the Mother Goose one as well. And the Dr Seuss one since you already have it. Maybe Rainstorm stayed here . . . I have to check.

    I think the Water Hole book is especially wonderful because it can grow with the child. As she gets older she'll see that there are animals hidden in the background. (Don't point them out. So much more fun if she discovers it on her own.)

    I'll make a list of books so we can plan to buy those she especially loves. We can look for those at the second hand bookstore for sure!

  3. I noticed the hidden animals on the page that says the animals have all left. I'll ask Joe about Rainstorm though. I just didn't see it with the stack of books that day.

  4. I found it in the pile Joe did not take. Silly Joe.

  5. - Richard Scarry's "Find Your ABC's" (there are apparently several different versions, but I'm pretty sure this is the one I had)

    - Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt

    - The Hungry Caterpillar

    - Goodnight Moon

    - Scruffy the Tugboat

    - The Pokey Little Puppy

    - any of the baby animal picture books by Judy Dunn

    - Curious George

    - If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. . .

    - Stellaluna by Janell Cannon (not part of my childhood, but I read it randomly a couple of years ago and it's very cute)

    - Harry the Dirty Dog

  6. Rossana, Thank you! She has some of these books already but the suggestions are very much appreciated. I'll search for them in my library catalog with fingers crossed.