Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Writing Commitment

I'm post-dating this knowing my son will be in town and I might forget to post about this.  I'm clever like that.  Sometimes.

I've decided to give myself a writing challenge although I prefer the word commitment (which is peculiar for me, the commitment phobic person that I am).

Every day for the next month, I am going to write a character sketch. The sketch may take any form from a simply outline of a person to a first person immersion into the character.  I may write from the point-of-view of a parent or spouse observing the character or a coworker or neighbor interacting with the character in some way.  It might be a banal scene in which the character is shopping or doing the dishes.  It may be letter or poem written by the character to another character.

Anyway, that's my plan for the month of September.

One character sketch per day.
Length:  100-250 words (although more is okay too if inspiration should lead)

Sorry for the late notice on this one.  Hopefully one or more of you reading this will want to join in the fun.  My fingers are crossed that I won't be doing this alone.  Will I be posting what I write each day?  Probably not.  But I may end up posting something from this adventure on my Saturday Samples.

See you there!

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