Saturday, September 03, 2011

Satia Sampler Saturday

It's taking me a while to catch up on things and getting back into a rhythm after my son's visit is easier said than done.  But here is this week's sample, a character sketch I did for my writing challenge. I think I already have an idea for a similar challenge for next month.  Ooooh . . . .

You know, just because you save her, doesn’t mean she’ll fall in love with you.  If you’re lucky, she’ll fuck you.  Maybe that’s enough for you.  All you need now that you’re settling for something so easy.

That’s what you said, walking out the door of the apartment we’d been sharing and I didn’t even try to get in the last word because I didn’t see the point of fighting. I thought we could be civil but I forgot what a bitch you can be when you’re angry and I just couldn’t stand the sound of my own voice echoing in the empty apartment.

I wanted to tell you I was sorry, that I didn’t mean to hurt you, because I didn’t.  I wanted to tell you that it was painful for me too.

I had a lot I wanted to say, so I called her up, asked her if she wanted to get a bite to eat.  She paused and thought about it, said yes, and hung up.  I’ll meet her at the pizza place where we used to go.  It’s close.  And they have beer.

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