Saturday, November 05, 2011

Better but . . .

I woke up with no fever and decided to make studying a priority.  I grabbed my textbook and study guide, began looking over the questions for the chapter I had so diligently read . . . only to discover that I may as well have not bothered studying at all yesterday.  I retained absolutely nothing.  So I had to start all over again and I still had no clue what the hell I had read.

So after lunch I decided to move onto the next chapter which I knew is a review of content I'd studied in college.  Sure that was a long time ago but review is review is review and surely things will click more easily or more quickly if I've already learned the material, even if it was in a past lifetime.

After all, isn't that the (overly simplified) explanation of karma?  That we learn lessons in one lifetime that we carry over into another, right?

Well, I have now spent all day trying to understand two chapters and I still can't say I learned a damn thing.  I can't answer any of the questions in the study guide.  And I don't know what I'm doing wrong because I used to be able to read things and understand them.  Now I am just lost.  Utterly lost.

And I'm moving onto the next chapter because we have to cover 7 chapters by Tuesday and at the rate I'm understanding this material, I'll need until Tuesday just to understand the 2 chapters I've already "studied."


  1. If you spend so much of your time reading that stuff, it might just be a very awfully written script ^^

    Also, studying definitely is something that needs training. Even every year after the summer holidays (3 months in Austria) I found it very hard at the beginning to get into that studying vibe again. But after a short while you'll find your attention span and ability to concentrate increase, you'll see!

  2. I think I have my rhythm now but it's not coming as easily as my doing a literature or history course. I'm simply not a science person and, unfortunately, this is an accelerated class. I don't have the luxury of figuring out how to study. I have nine classes in which to figure it out or, if you'll forgive the expression, I'm fucked. And obviously, with only nine classes altogether, I really only have one or two classes to figure it out before I pretty much spend all of the coursework playing catch up.

  3. That balance is tough Hun. Glad you are feeling better though

  4. I think I'm getting there. Feeling a little better mentally about it all now.

    The thing is, drop me in a literature class and I'll fly but this is not literature and I'm definitely struggling.

    But I honestly think that, if I can stay healthy, I'll be on track by the end of the week and I may even have time to nanowrimo again.